Working From Home

How to Stay in Shape While Working a Desk Job

Today’s working world can make it difficult to stay healthy when many of us find ourselves tethered to our desks for at least 8 hours a day. Then add the time we spend sitting after work relaxing and our lives can quickly become rather sedentary. Since the reality is that you probably can’t quit your […]

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What is a Remote Job?

Remote work simply means working a job from anywhere other than a traditional office setting- that could mean traveling to a cafe or a coworking space or logging in at home which doesn’t require any kind of commute. Work is going to be a lot different in the post-pandemic world, and being able to work […]

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6 Tips to be Effective at Working Remotely

Remote work is a major workplace trend. The freedom to work from your home, a coffee shop or a beach chair appeals to many workers. Unfortunately, many individuals also struggle to keep a work/life balance and remain productive while on the clock. Whether you’re just getting started as a remote worker or you’re a seasoned […]

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