*Data Science*

Accenture (Perth WA, Australia) 2 days ago

Job Profile Summary

Manage, architect and analyze big data in order to build data driven business insights and high impact data models to generate significant business value. Create models and processes to collect, distill and interpret data with a view to aid better, more informed decision making. Examine and explore data from multiple disparate sources with the goal of discovering insights which in turn can provide competitive advantage for our clients.


Create insights from predictive statistical modeling to deliver client value •Apply deep statistical and mathematical knowledge, tools and techniques to find relationships between and among variables •Develop intellectual property involving specific analytical methodologies, mathematical modeling or optimization techniques and their applications to business issues •Translate business issues into specific requirements to develop analytic solutions, and identify appropriate data to support the solution •Collaborate with Accenture and/or external consulting teams to address business issues and influence change using strategy, industry and analytical skills

Data Analysis and Client Value Creation •Create value for our clients by providing new insights from predictive statistical modeling activities •Test theories by creating models and experimenting with data •Design the models, algorithms and visualizations that help companies distill insights from huge volumes of chaotic data •Involved in gathering big data. Formulating high business impact cluster or nodes and establish performance checks on the large data models

Data Analytics and Information Technology •Deliver large-scale programs that integrate processes with technology to help clients achieve high performance •Design, implement and deploy custom applications on Hadoop •Implementation of complete Big Data solutions, including data acquisition, storage, transformation, and analysis Responsible for the design and implementation of complete big data solutions including data acquisition, storage, transformation, and analysis

Salary range for this role: 80 – 110K

*Data Science*

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