6000005 - Manager Sales Compliance & Fraud Control Unit

Generali (Chandigarh, CH, India) 22 days ago

To Create a Culture of Compliance & Governance to ensure Sales Compliance & execute Fraud Control Measures

1. Must possess skills of logical reasoning and thinking-hat of an Investigator (Mis-Selling, Fraud Finder etc.), Closure of Investigation of cases with in defined TAT. Presenting Case before Governance Committee post complete Investigation by bringing evidence.
2. Fair hands on MS Office, MIS
3. Flavour of documents checking, like identify difference between a genuine or fake document (KYC Documents like, Age/Address/Income Proof etc.) (Self enabler, sampling of cases etc.) Signature matching skills.
4. Travelling to Branches, reviewing various compliance & imparting trainings for sales official on governance & BQI (Travelling may be extended in Punjab as well apart from UP)
5. Assisting in Improving branch culture, by coordinating with regional HR (e.g. checking knowledge of employees, about governance policy, Do’s & Don’ts)
6. Analysis of BQI (Business/Branch Quality Index) & then taking it up with respective Agency/Direct official on improving numbers
7. Analysis of claims & complaints for the region & taking action to improve alarming numbers
8. Providing Training on Compliance & Governance Awareness among employees & esnure communication on Do's Dont's via Mail, Whatsapp or any feasible manner to ensure ethical culture is upheld across region/zone


1. Collection of Evidence post Completion of Investigation & presenting before Governance Committee
2. Producing Evidence at-least in 80% of Cases handed over for Investigation with the conclusion of Mal-Practice Proven/Not Proven
3. Follow up on findings post Sales Compliance Review and ensure compliance such Findings
4. Complaints/Claims & other Analysis to bring out Fraud Prone area/employees/distributors etc & taking remiedial action to control frauds


The role shall help the incumbent to grow as Fraud Preventive entity in the Life Insurance and valuable asset for any organisation when moving upwards middle or Top management

6000005 - Manager Sales Compliance & Fraud Control Unit

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