Job Description

Your Role and Responsibilities We are looking for motivated technologists to advocate for IBM client and partner developers and help them use IBM technology and development platforms to build the next big thing based on cognitive services (such as Watson), the Internet of Things, and emerging cloud architectures like Server-less computing.
The Client, Partner and Industry Developer Advocate should be passionate about helping customers learn about new technology, collaborating with them to assemble powerful new solutions, and advising them on how they can dramatically improve existing products by leveraging cutting edge technology from IBM. You will have the chance to create amazing things in an open source environment, and influence the services that IBM offers to its developer community at startups and enterprises.
Your success will depend on how successful our customers and partners are in getting value from IBM services and their faith in our team as a trusted technology advisor in cognitive, cloud, and data. Our developer community needs clear and simple ways to get started, guidance when they need it, and an overall delightful experience using the tools that help them achieve their goals.
  • DEVELOPER 50% of the time
  • Engage with enterprise clients and partner projects
  • As time permits, commit/review/fix code for open source projects as well as work on your own passion projects
  • Improve how IBM engages with the client and partner developer community:
  • Develop first class developer scenarios and demo apps, collateral, and training material on top of the IBM platform to demonstrate value and build excitement.
  • Encourage participation of the client and partner developer community in programs to increase primary tools and platform adoption in the community.
  • Present technology with enthusiasm and authenticity to client and partner developers, developer managers and senior management.
  • Extend the reach in the client and partner developer community by partnering with client and partner developer and community influencers.
  • Become a thought leader in the market and a voice of our users inside the IBM developer organization.
  • Create new market opportunities/identify innovative solutions to expand client and partner developer engagements.

  • What you’ll do in your 1st 30 days:
    • Facilitate partner and customer prototyping and proof of concepts
    • Attend and speak at conferences, user meetups and hackathons to connect with developers and understand how we can best make them successful
    • Write articles, best practices and blogs to help users get the most our of offerings and help them realize their ideas faster.
    • Working with client, partner and IBM teams to create compelling demo applications that show the potential of our technologies and platforms.
    • Provide frank and candid feedback to the IBM product and services managers on behalf of end users
    • Create and deliver new enablement collateral (tutorials, labs, classes, hack-a-thons)

    Who you are:
    • You love to build apps, create solutions, interact with other client and partner developers and derive job satisfaction from helping others learn by doing.
    • You are able to converse with a broad range of developer technologies and communities, while having deep subject matter expertise in a specific area. For example: IoT, machine learning/artificial intelligence, data sciences, mobile development.
    • You have passion, curiosity, technical depth, and exceptional communication and presentation skills.
    • You have a genuine interest in solving technical problems using cloud and cognitive computing technologies.
    • You are involved in online developer community groups.
    • You have good marketing skills and business logic.
    • You have a strong software developer background, write code and share what you know
    • Previous experience building applications and services with cloud technologies such as AWS, Google Compute Engine, Azure, Parse, Digital Ocean, IBM Cloud – Public & Private 
    • Previous experience with a broad range of developer technologies and communities (DevOps, Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, etc.)
    • Familiarity with mobile development, mobile platforms, multi-channel app creation, integration, native development (iOS, Android,Java, C#) and HTML5
    • Demonstrated experience of advocacy for a technology, brand or cause by contributing to, and participating in, on-line communities (GitHub, Stack Overflow,

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