Job Description

+ Prepare and sterilize the equipments to be used in Microbiology testing
+ Prepare and sterilization the microbiology media
+ Perform environment monitoring (sampling & testing) of aseptic production area, non sterile production area, sampling booth, dispensing area, Microbiology Lab area, and personnel monitoring, following approved schedule and procedures, and record the test results in timely manner.
+ Manage incoming samples to ensure on time testing
+ Perform monitoring (sampling & testing) of water systems, oil free air and clean steam, following approved schedule and procedures, and record the test results in timely manner.
+ Perform Microbiological testing of raw material, sterile packaging materials, products, stability samples, bioindicator after sterilization in accordance with approved procedures and test methods, and record the test results in timely manner.
+ Assist Microbiology Lab Supervisor or Lab Manager in laboratory investigation in case of out of spec.
+ Participating in media fill, validation, and qualification program
+ Perform instrument verification or calibration according to approved procedures.
+ Monitor that all required equipments, reagents, reference standard are always available in adequate quantity and utilized in accordance with procedures.
+ Ensure all reagents, media, reference cultures, reference standards, bioindicator are valid and stored according to requirement
+ Maintain cleanliness of equipments and working area.
+ Perform verification or calibration of instruments/ equipments according to the approved procedures and schedule
+ Perform microbiological method validation/ verification in accordance with the approved protocol and provide report.
+ Develop or revise SOP or test procedures in Microbiology Lab.
+ Perform maintenance of reference working culture in accordance to the approved procedures.
+ Perform destruction of microbiological waste
+ Maintain Microbiology lab area and facilities in a clean, orderly and operational state
+ Support Production Dept for providing training in gowning qualification of aseptic personnel
+ Support Microbiology Lab Supervisor or Lab Manager for developing method validation/ verification protocol, study protocol, and equipment/ instrument qualification protocol.
Identify and conduct continual improvement project (Method 1)
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