Job Description


  • To prepare credit analysis in an independent manner to ensure sufficient assessment of risks for the bank
  • To help the coverage team in ensuring Regulatory Requirement is met, in relation to Credit assessment requirements and to be delivered on a timely manner
  • The Area of analysts’ responsibilities is to prepare Credit Approval documents in the following points (both locally approved and/or approved elsewhere CA)
  • Industry benchmark and analysis
  • Obligor’s analysis covering both historical performance and projection
  • Assessment should cover : profit & loss statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet
  • Any other requirements as set out in the Regulation
  • Facility rationale and to a certain extent reviewing the ORR and FRR assignment
  • Proper mitigation to risks identified
  • Prepare the Debt Rating Model when it is required
  • Liaise with Risk Department, CRMS and coverage team should there be new and/or policy and/or procedure gap
  • Liaise with the Approving Unit for any related Obligor’s qualitative and quantitative analysis where it is required ie LTFS from emerging markets, etc
  • Participating in the Round Table Risk discussion


  • High degree of analytical skills and attention to detail (accounting and finance background will be beneficial)
  • Strong written skills and sufficient communication skills
  • Have an outstanding knowledge in general macro and relatively specific to the industry or at least have access to do the most recent research
  • Capacity to balance business’ needs and independence as credit analyst
  • Ability to work under pressure in the fast pace and demanding environment


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