GIS Database and Service Application Specialist or Expert

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Squad Resource Inventory Intelligence (RII)

Resource Inventory intelligence is all about gathering assets and components and storing them in centralized applications.

Afterwards this data is used to manage the assets and components supported by clearly defined business processes

We have three programs to build a bridge between the outside and inside world and on the other hand mobile and fixed network.

These programs are Marlin, Paris and Diamond

Marlin inventorizes all coax and fiber components of the outside world.

It also ensures that infrastructure is visualized on the exact physical location

Paris deals with all equipment and logical parameters needed to install and configure a Radio Access Network site. It incorporates all the relevant RAN Build business processes and maintains the different PNI and LNI RAN configurations.

Diamond deals with the inside world, also known as transmission.

Also here the equipment is Stored in the same application as Paris and business processes will be provided

Squad Location Intelligence

Within Location Intelligence we strive to find the “where” in things. Linking business related information to a physical location and translating this into a so called “thematic map layer” enables us to understand patterns and correlations in a more organic and holistic manner. By incorporating these spatial insights in our business processes we can understand and predict trends & evolutions, supporting better decision making. The tools that we use in our daily work (GIS – Geo Information Systems) enable our squad to support a broad variety of simple and more complex business questions where Location is key.

Therefore, our mission is simple:

  • Find the “where”

  • Analyze patterns

  • Explain it with maps

Our goal within Telenet is to expand a geospatial infrastructure in order to provide a rich network of distributed content (geo-data) and (geo-)capabilities. GIS (Geo Information Systems) is the technology that is used to establish this goal.

The work that our squad is delivering can be seen in the fields of data processing, data analytics and engineering, architectural design, (geo-)service development and application development. A broad range of tasks where our squad takes ownership of the entire E2E process, including the setup and configuration of the geospatial system infrastructure and the release process of delivered components.

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GIS Database and Service Application Specialist or Expert

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