Assistant Manager

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Responsible to perform multiple projects simultaneously. The person should be a role model for the Firm’s values. The person must able to lead a larger team and/or maintain a lower risk engagement; involving in multiple projects or receives controlled assignments of increasing difficulty and responsibility. The person must able to lead larger teams during fieldwork. The duties will also include:

  • Reviewing of scope of work to understand engagement requirements.
  • Traveling to client locations and Tax Office.
  • Performing work (either in the field or in the office) which includes visual examination of records and other items and preparation and organization of work papers, tax returns and financial statements showing the results of work performed.
  • Gathering, interpreting, compiling, and analyzing data pertinent to work performed by the Firm.
  • Reviewing data and other information pertinent to the engagement.
  • Leading in interviews to elicit factual information.
  • Undertaking high-level reviews of monthly tax returns.
  • Deep analyzing of and tax risk and issue.
  • Reviewing Annual Corporate Tax (1771) Returns.
  • Drafting and or reviewing Management Letters or other reports relating to work performed.
  • Taking personal responsibility for ensuring feedback is received and reviews are completed.
  • Making proper planning, conducting the engagement, reviewing the work and preparing report to the Manager/Senior Manager or Partner.
  • Identifying and communicating key tax issues in all stages of the engagement.
  • Guiding, coaching and leading the lower level staffs/subordinates to perform the engagement properly.
  • Undertaking activities related to clients’ acceptance phase, which includes surveys to client up to submission of proposal.
  • Actively monitoring and taking actions to ensure timely billing and collection.
  • Reviewing the work of subordinates; be able to manage the team, and involving in the development of staffs.
  • Serving as a contributing leader of a team (as required), completing assigned duties of increased scope and communicating with the team leader concerning proper methods to be applied in the engagement context.
  • Participating in the achievement of budget for the engagement.
  • Listening carefully to client’s questions and needs. Bringing potential opportunities to the attention of the team.
  • Proactive in obtaining and sharing knowledge and encourages others to contribute their knowledge.
  • Regularly acting to promote a positive working climate while balancing productivity and maintaining high spirit of the team.
  • Having a keen awareness of the importance of obtaining and retaining clients.
  • Providing quality and timely performance reviews while promoting an effective discussion and specific balanced feedback is delivered.
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