Associate Professor (F/H) in Radiochemistry, nuclear materials, nuclear waste storage, dismantling of nuclear facilities

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Presentation of the school

IMT Atlantique, internationally recognised for the quality of its research, is a leading general engineering school under the authority of the Ministry of Industry and Digital Technology, ranked in the 3 main international rankings (THE, SHANGAI, QS).

On 3 campuses, Brest, Nantes and Rennes, IMT Atlantique aims to combine digital technology and energy to transform society and industry through training, research and innovation. Its ambition is to be the leading French higher education and research establishment in this field internationally. With 290 permanent researchers and teacher-researchers, 1,000 publications and €18 million in contracts, it supervises 2,300 students every year. Its courses are based on cutting-edge research, within 6 joint research units under its supervision: GEPEA, IRISA, LATIM, LABSTICC, LS2N and SUBATECH.

Presentation of the scientific field:

The Subatech department of IMT Atlantique is recruiting a lecturer-researcher within its radiochemistry team, specialised in the fields of radiochemistry, materials for nuclear applications around the issues of nuclear waste storage and dismantling of nuclear installations.

The SUBAtomic Physics and Associated Technologies Laboratory (Subatech) is a joint research unit (UMR 6457) under the triple supervision of the IMT Atlantique, the University of Nantes and the National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (IN2P3) of the CNRS. Fully integrated into major scientific collaborations worldwide, Subatech's research activities focus on the fields of nuclear physics, hadronic physics, particles, astroparticle physics and radiochemistry. Subatech carries out fundamental and applied research in the fields of energy, environment and health. The mastery of the technologies associated with these fields is a key factor for the success of the laboratory's projects. Subatech, with a staff of 186 people on June 1st, 2020, is made up of 7 research teams : neutrino, plasma, PRISMA, radiochemistry, SEN, theory, xenon, and 5 services : administrative, mechanical, electronic, computing and SPR-I, and the SMART platform. It should be noted that the radiochemistry team includes a radiochemistry laboratory mobilising around ten engineers and technician staff.

The activities of the radiochemistry team are structured around 5 scientific themes and are based on various skills in radiochemistry, molecular modelling, geochemistry, radiolysis, materials and radio-ecology. The topics covered are structured in master-projects: i) radionuclides and the environment; ii) radiolysis; iii) modelling; iv) nuclear materials and v) radionuclides and health.

In this context, to integrate our teams:

To apply for the position of Associate Professor in the radiochemistry team, you must hold a PhD or a recognised equivalent qualification, have a first professional experience (post-doctorate, industrial R&D, ...) and some international experience. You must have solid experience as an experimenter and master the appropriate instrumentation.

Within the department, as a teacher-researcher, you will carry out the main missions of training, research and development in academic and industrial circles, as well as internationally.

Your significant experience in designing and supervising learning activities enables you to promote learning by confronting learners with multidisciplinary problems. You are particularly interested in the competency-based approach, innovative teaching methods and the diversification of assessment methods.

Your command of English allows you to teach in that language.

You will contribute to the teaching in our various courses, more particularly in the engineering training and the international masters, in chemistry/physics, radiochemistry/chemistry and materials courses. Teaching experience or skills acquired in an industrial environment in these fields are highly expected. For specialized teanching, your profile will also enable you to work in the field of materials and their characterisation, and in the more dedicated courses leadered by Subatech department. In particular, you will be involved in the "nuclear engineering" courses of the IMT Atlantique TAF (Advanced Training Area), in the NE (Nuclear Engineering) master's programme and in the Erasmus Mundus SARENA programme.

With your scientific skills, your experience in project management will enable you to develop and participate in collaborations with partners from the economic and academic world, at regional, national and international levels.

You will contribute to the development and influence of the school through high-level publications, a contractual dynamic and an active contribution to the life of the school.

You will contribute to research activities in order to strengthen applications of nuclear physics for energy and environment, in particular around the storage, disposal and decommissioning of nuclear installations. In order to maintain the scientific level of the radiochemistry team, it is envisaged to find a candidate with a solid experience and international visibility with a global and transdisciplinary vision (radiochemistry, chemistry, geology, etc.) of the nuclear waste storage issue. Skills in the field of structural characterization of materials will benefit all radiochemistry themes such as activities in the environmental field and modeling of interactions at solution/solid interfaces. You will contribute to strengthening the close collaboration between Subatech and ANDRA, which began 25 years ago, around a scientific programme that should evolve strongly in the coming years towards transdisciplinary, multi-scale and realistic approaches to the phenomena involved in the problem of nuclear waste storage. You will also contribute to the various European projects on waste management and decommissioning in which the radiochemistry team plays an important role.

You will contribute to the school's actions in favour of socio-economic and international development in its various forms. You will participate in research activities, contractual and partnership activities, national and international collaborations, and will be a driving force for all developments within the school.

Sensitive to the issues of sustainable development and social responsibility, you act in an ethical and responsible manner and have demonstrated that these dimensions are taken into account in the projects you have carried out.

The Associate Professor position is based on the Nantes campus of IMT Atlantique . Travel in France and abroad is to be expected.

In order to support your motivation, you will be asked to complete an integration project for all the proposed missions.

(for more information on the selection criteria please consult the job description of a Associate professor on IMT Atlantique website)

Qualifications and skills :

You will have to demonstrate the ability to carry out training, research and research/innovation transfer missions

  • Strong motivation for teaching, research and innovation, dynamism and potential leadership in these areas.
  • Strong pedagogical involvement and participation in innovative learning arrangements (or, failing that, a clear willingness to invest in this area).
  • An ability to teach and supervise teaching projects in an industrial and/or international multidisciplinary context, and a knowledge of industrial and/or international environments.
  • An appetite for research in partnership with the industrial world, an interest in valorisation and applications and an opening towards the business world.
  • An appetite for international collaborations.
  • An ability to adapt to thematic developments and an interest in interdisciplinarity.
  • The ability to develop synergies with teams other than one's own, whether within the department, the joint research unit or more broadly within the school, both in training and research.

You will need tohave strong skills in the open speciality and have demonstrated :

  • Recognition of its research activities in the scientific community at national and international level;
  • Experience in the management of research contracts, combined with a good knowledge of the industrial environment;
  • An international experience ;
  • Experience in the theoretical and practical teaching of the above mentioned courses and their applicability in industry.
  • A knowledge and practice of innovative pedagogy;
  • A perfect command of English for teaching ;
  • An excellent ability to integrate into a team and a good sense of human relations.

An integration project in both research and training is requested.

Level of training and/or experience required:

  • Doctorate in the field of nuclear chemistry
  • Civil servant belonging to a body recruited through the École Polytechnique or ENA or former student of a École Normale Supérieure with professional experience > 3 years
  • Highly qualified company executive with professional experience > to 8 years

Contact for more informations :

– 02 51 85 84 98

To submit your application :

Download the application form

Deadline for applications: March 31th, 2021

Date of the recruitment committee: May/June 2021

Recruitment: September 2021

Associate Professor (F/H) in Radiochemistry, nuclear materials, nuclear waste storage, dismantling of nuclear facilities

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