Business Development Executive

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Immortal Dreamz (iDZ) is a Bangalore based IT and Branding Company, providing services and solutions for various domains. At iDZ, we believe in creating sustainable connects with the clients & redefining creativity. We are young minds with a never-say-die attitude for a better and impactful tomorrow.

Internship Period:

Business Development Executive

Type of employment:

Internship and Full time

Internship Period:

8 - 12 weeks

Your Role:

Cold-calling, lead generation, hold client meetings, prepare presentation when necessary, maintain a favorable and convincing discussions with the clients, project conversions and documentations.

Basic and preferred requirements:

  • Must be from the marketing educational background, BBA or MBA students
  • Excellent communication and good hold on language, both written and verbal
  • Passion for sales and marketing and zeal to learn
  • Knowledge on MS office
  • Patience and positive attitude towards work
  • Ability to work independently and also with the team
  • A good planner and a strategist suiting business
  • Presentable approach and manners

Required application material:

Resume/ CV

A recommendation letter or a letter head from your concerned department or institution

  • Vast learning opportunity
  • Better experience and various verticals knowledge
  • Chances for getting absorbed in the company with better perks
  • Scope for wide exposure
  • Team activities + team outings
  • Casual dress code

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We are the only start up from Bangalore to bag the construction time lapse video for smart city, Kochi

Associated with Intel as time lapse video company from Bangalore to develop one of their IT infrastructure.

We also provided this company with content marketing services and crafted an explainer video production to brilliantly expose their product.

Also worked for 2D and 3D animation and provided best videos under our high-end 3D animation studio.

We became their SEO specialist in Bangalore and provided them good visibility with SEO.

Spectraz with its wide range of products was keen on looking for augmented reality companies and we helped them in AR and VR technology with additional services into IOT in Bangalore.

NxtGen being the India’s largest data-center, we take pleasure to call them as one of our premiere clients. We have provided them with corporate video production services.

VigX Solutions, Bangalore

Also provided them with content marketing services to boost their readership.

For the same company, we provided them with organic SEO services and content marketing services.

We provided Mantri with organic SEO services providing affordable SEO services with good results.

It’s a pleasure to have served a reputed electronic company, JVS with our content marketing services.

Suntech Solutions, Bangalore

Availing web development services, Suntech came forward for mobile app development services as they found us to be the best and affordable mobile app development company.

The Art of Living, Bangalore

A pioneer institution internationally recognized in Yoga and Meditation has approached iDZ for 2D and 3D animation services. We have successfully accomplished to their requirements.

Shot a corporate film to Samagana and was known for being the best corporate film makers in Bangalore.

Immortal Dreamz, a video production company has provided the leading technology company, Intel with Video production services.

A well-known academic management company collaborated with Immortal dreamz as we were the best corporate video makers in Bangalore.

We being a corporate video production company captured an effective corporate video for Citrix systems, a multinational software company.

The only corporate video production company from Bangalore to bag the Smart city, Cochin project. Have been called the best corporate video makers in Bangalore.

For the world class automobile manufacturer, we take pride in having completed corporate video production services.

Bearing the title of being the best corporate video production company in Bangalore so far, we developed a highly viewer engaging corporate video production services to Avi solar.

A start-up content marketing agency in Bangalore takes pleasure to work with Indian Railways for their content requirements.

WEP Solutions Limited, Bangalore

The work with these clients went ahead for website and became one of the vendors in website design and Development Company.

Worked on TE connectivity’s content marketing services providing good and engaging content.

Nisarga Diagnostic and Research Center, Bangalore

Nisarga diagnostic being one of the leading health care sectors in Bangalore chose Immortal dreamz for being the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore.

Known globally for providing consultancies and management services, CIM Global found Immortal Dreamz as an ideal content marketing agency in Bangalore for all their content requirements.

Provided web development services to NxtGen and also furnished their digital marketing. Becoming the best digital marketing agency to NxtGen was our stepping stone of success.

With Intel, we have also worked on providing them with SEO content writing services and white board explainer video.

Provided Educesta with strong content marketing services.

Suntech Solutions, Bangalore

Suntech solutions in Bangalore known for IT and outdoor media services, recognized Immortal dreamz to be their best web design company in Bangalore.

The Art of Living, Bangalore

Being a renowned digital marketing company in Bangalore, we provided them with digital marketing as well as content marketing services.

It’s a pleasure to have worked with Mantri developers for content marketing services among the other content marketing agency.

We hit Raktec at the right time to take over their requirements. Provided them with VR technology, IOT application development, and Organic SEO services.

Minera steel and power Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

Happy to have worked with Minera steel plant providing them with web development services and being recognized by them as one of the best web design company in Bangalore.

Vitamin berry is India’s largest online selling nutrition store. Being one of their mobile app developers in Bangalore and best web design and development in Bangalore raised our bar to another level.

We are happy to have worked with CIM global and to be recognized by them as a trustable branding agency in Bangalore. They are even looking forward for virtual reality development services.

iDZ also provided Citrix with promising digital marketing services in India.

Minova Life Sciences, India’s fastest growing Pharmacy Company opted iDZ for being a content marketing agency in Bangalore to shed off their A-Z content requirements.

Sketched a beautiful white board animation video for one of the cosmetic product of AGS Inc, Debelle.

We have bagged one of their 3D animation videos as we are considered to be the best in 3D rendering services in India.

We hit a century of videos for Indiamoney, a platform for financial education. Provided them with video production services and explainer video production.

Also provided Raktec with social media optimization.

Successful in giving them extra-ordinary results in video production and explainer video production.

Marked a first plot in the arena of Virtual reality development to Sansinfra on their Architecture.

Srishti Communications, Bangalore

Srishti, being one of the advertising and branding agency in Bangalore, sought corporate video production services and content marketing services.

We pen downed SEO content writing services to Avi solar to enhance their reader engagement.

JVS recognized Immortal dreamz as reliable video production company for the services we offered them in video productions.

Listed under the fortune 500 company list, Immortal Dreamz being an explainer video production company in Bangalore provided TE connectivity with latest technology explainer videos.

Ceased explainer video production and 2D and 3D animation projects from NxtGen.

Venson electronics as a referral from JVS believed iDZ to be the best corporate video production company in Bangalore. We proved the title again by providing them with best of our creativity in video production.

The Art of Living, Bangalore

iDZ being a SEO specialist in Bangalore we shaped few of the SEO strategies for the Art of the living.

WEP Solutions Limited, Bangalore

Provided WEP solutions with beyond expectations corporate video within a very short period of time. Hence recognized among the clients as being the most referred corporate video makers in Bangalore.

Suntech Solutions, Bangalore

We continued offering services to Suntech solutions under several of other verticals like video production services and organic SEO services.

CloneMe replicates a model irrespective of what it is; we replicated a video for CloneMe through our explainer video productions.

Nisarga Diagnostic and Research Center, Bangalore

Nisarga also availed our corporate video production services and online advertising marking us as good strategists among the online advertising agency.

VigX Solutions, Bangalore

VigX Solutions lacked in their social media audience and hence was looking for the best digital marketing agency to boost their visibility on social media.

We also provided JVS electronics with best web development services.

Being a web application development company, we assisted a better development on the same.

Considered to be good explainer video production company, we have also cracked their explainer video platform.

Provided the company with email marketing services in Bangalore and social media management services at its best.

Raktec was a start-up company into products under technology which looked for best SEO Company in Bangalore, Virtual reality companies in India.

Standing amongst the other online marketing company in Bangalore, we have worked with Mantri for their digital marketing services in India.

Minera steel and power Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

We further joined hands with Minera and extended mobile app development services along with digital marketing services in India for a period of 6 months.

Bizwork looked for cloud service providers in Bangalore and found iDZ for their software solutions.

Spectraz also expected email services in India where we became their email campaign service provider along with being their digital marketing agency in India.

We also developed 2d and 3D animation videos on TE connectivity effective enough to communicate with employers, work men and clients.

Provided samagana with 2D and 3D animation videos along with organic SEO services.

WEP Solutions Limited, Bangalore

Working for their social media optimization and providing the best social media marketing strategy required a lot of brain storming. But, the team nailed the project with good feedbacks.

Being one of the digital marketing agency in India, we ceased educesta’s digital marketing platform.

Having to be known as the best content marketing agency in Bangalore, we provided Sansinfra with delightful content on their requirements.

A small corporate video production company having taken a big step in Government projects regarding corporate video production services on the concept of Swachh-barat in collaboration with IRCTC.

We also indulged in their web development services as one of the primary services.

Srishti Communications, Bangalore

We provided them with PPC services and became a vendor for PPC Company in Bangalore for Srishti.

Venson later availed an explanatory video production service and affordable SEO services from us.

Became their social media advertising agency for all their social media marketing strategy.

VigX Solutions, Bangalore

We provided them with good visibility and branding on their company and increased their social media audience through our social media management services.

We became one of Indiamoney’s social media advertising agency and best SEO Company in Bangalore by providing services in SMM and SEO respectively.

As they are into business counseling and teaching, we provided them with virtual reality development and social media marketing services.

Business Development Executive

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