Job Description

In your new role you will:
1. Build and operate the partner network with effective ownership
  • Based on a SMD pre-defined concept and scoping, build, launch and run a G2M partner network
  • Define and execute launch plan; define and execute on-going operations plan; ensuring operational consistency
  • Continuously adapt concept to evolving regional ecosystem needs
2. Run network and facilitate interaction with Design and Software Design Houses
  • Define a sustainable and growing presence in the ecosystem landscape
  • Develop network’s market visibility, in line with Infineon’s image and market positioning
  • Guide opportunities with Design and Software Design Houses, in line with the relevant business models
3. Manage and communicate G2M partner network’s activity
  • Evaluate business opportunities and propose strategies to consistently address new markets
  • Grow revenue from partners’ design-ins and other enabling opportunities
  • Provide large customers with strong Value Proposition and increase penetration of smaller ones by offering innovative solutions.
4. Enable partner relationship development direct & indirectly
  • Coordinate partner selection process, support partner sign-on and put in place a long term partner manager when appropriate
  • Liaise with related distribution channel(s) and support integration to partner network
5. Business creation – Focus on DW growth as a result of the Business Partners contribution
  • maximize the value generated through ecosystem
6. Significant business generation growth
  • Current business generation through marketing and selling Infineon based solutions
  • Market trend sharing to extract market direction, to align with Infineon marketing direction and roadmap
  • Technical knowledge sharing, develop system and application knowledge
  • Relationship and branding of Infineon
  • Manage design house relationship at various levels, deep cooperation with identified key design houses
  • Identify key design houses for core competencies, key projects
  • Drive key business creation opportunities and push to implementation through distribution partners
7. Work closely with various functions to execute new approaches to implement mass market expansion strategy~


­ You are best equipped for this task if you have:
1. Degree in Electronic Engineering or related field, with special focus in business with strong sales orientation
­2. Strong background in new business initiatives;
­3. Strong public presentation skills required (in English and Chinese)
­4. Approximately 10+ years in marketing of IT or Semiconductor industry, experience in electronics preferred;
5. Sales and business development/creation related experience required;
­6. Strong proven capability in public speaking and creating special effects in presentation in front of large number of audiences (500+)