Chef de Projet Digital à Bourges H/F

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Chef de Projet Digital à Bourges H/F

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  • Understanding of the customer’s need and specifications.
  • Helping the sponsor choose the best solution (software package, development).
  • Defining the Methodology and framework of the project.
  • Preparing a Functional Specifications Document (FSD) and ensuring that the DCAD requirements for hosting, security and confidentiality of the data are respected
  • Defining and supervising the schedule.
  • Allocating and optimizing the needed human, financial and/or technical resources for the project.
  • Communicating and validating the key phase of the project with the sponsor.
  • Verifying that the solution is consistent with the specifications after implementation.

Project Management

Project integration: Defining the “Project sheet”, Project Management Plan, managing scope changes.

Scope: Defining the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and validating conformity during the project.

Time: Identifying activities, estimating required resources, building and managing the schedule.

Costs: Estimating costs, setting budget, ensuring follow-up.

Quality: Defining the quality plan, implementing quality assurance and ensure quality control.

Resources: Planning resources and management of the teams.

Risks: Planning risk management, conducting risk analysis and providing mitigation solutions.

Procurement: Managing bids, contracts and suppliers

  • Respecting milestones of the project approach, delivering achievements as expected.
  • Documenting inputs for decisions.
  • Satisfying FSD requirements and respecting the 3 components of Quality/Cost/Timing.
  • Piloting the providers involved in the development of the solution.
  • Controlling the integration and recipe of the solution.
  • Upholding compliance with the service contract.
  • Respecting project approach (Project charter, check lists, milestone validation, governance, budget management…).
  • Contributing to Change Management, communication and training to deploy the solution.
  • Validating the deliverables are produced in conformity with the framework Quality/Cost/Timing and DCAD requirements are respected (technical, security, hosting, standardization, decommissioning…).


  • Planning communication, reporting project status and communicating to all stakeholders of the project at each key milestone: need, conception, design, build, delivery, run, debriefing…
  • Ensuring and adapting the communication to all the actors involved in the project: (project team, stakeholders, sponsor, populations involved in the project...)
  • Alerting the sponsor and the Steering Committee in the event of discrepancies in the specifications.

Team Project Management

  • Overseeing the project team according to Michelin’s Manager Guide and the Group Transverse Management guidelines.
  • Managing all the people and populations impacted by the project

Change Management

  • Training and mentoring users according to their needs
  • Managing change towards the impacted stakeholders
  • Verifying after implementation that the solution is consistent with the FSD requirements.

Complementary activities in a digital factory

  • Defining the functionality of the system: modeling the rules of the business, defining the human-Machine dialogue and the ergonomics of screens and states
  • Modeling processes and information flows
  • Modeling the application data, relying on data architects for the company's shared data
  • Defining the modalities for integrating the system into the digital environment and describing the interfaces from a functional point of view
  • Building and managing the detailed functional design
  • Understanding the standards supported by the development tools or the software package, and designing the solution based on these standards to improve the efficiency
  • Validating the technical design of the solution in collaboration with the developers
  • Participating in the Acceptance Testing and User Acceptance Testing phases

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Nos dernières distinctions :

  • Manufacturier Pneumatique de l’année 2019
  • Une note de 94/100 à l’index de l’égalité femmes-hommes
  • N°1 au classement Happy Trainees avec 94,8 % des stagiaires et alternants qui nous recommandent

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Chef de Projet Digital à Bourges H/F

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