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Position Description

Position Purpose:

Develop marketing and communications strategy for talent outreach and acquisition, fundraising, partnership and business development. Develop strategic relationships through high-quality digital experiences with corporations, law firms, NGOs, grassroots organizations, community / political leaders, ADI-focused organizations, affinity groups, universities / institutions of higher education, and government agencies globally.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / Communications Strategist will be responsible for managing the network of relationships to develop a talent pipeline and strategic partnerships that facilitate the onboarding of qualified ADI candidates for TalentoTotal programs and generate growth for the organization. In addition, the Chief Marketing Officer will work closely with the Creative Director to harness the social, cultural, and spatial coordination of technologies to optimize engagement and design a user experience that leverages technological innovation in order to facilitate connectivity to ADI candidates, TalentoTotal partners, and the social ecosystems that TalentoTotal supports.

Support CEO in management of day-to-day operations in business / relationship origination, website development, marketing, and talent acquisition (internal and external). A key focus will be placed on communications strategy for ADI candidates and millennials, with a specific focus on content written, developed, produced, and published in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Provide administrative (correspondence / event planning) and analytical support to enable TalentoTotal's growth and sustainability.

Position Background / Context:

TalentoTotal aims to make Latin America more competitive and inclusive by accelerating the careers of high-achieving women and men from underrepresented communities – Afro-descendant & Indigenous (ADI) – through coaching, mentoring, professional development, and leadership training to increase the number of diverse leaders in businesses and organizations. In addition, TalentoTotal provides a talent and leadership pipeline for leading industries across Latin America.

This role focuses on our marketing and communications strategy, and its integration with design thinking and innovation. The Chief Marketing Officer / Communications Strategist works closely with the CEO, CoS, COO, Creative Director, and strategic partners to ensure program success and a sustainable elite talent pipeline for the future.

The role provides global exposure to multiple business sectors, intergovernmental agencies, community / political leaders, and key influencers across Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

You will work in a typical start-up environment with limited resources that requires you to be able to do any and everything (i.e. web development, language translation, presentation development) to ensure organizational success.

This role will require global travel (United States, Latin America, Europe, Africa, etc.) for periods ranging from one to two weeks per visit to build and maintain the marketing team and represent the organization's brand at international functions and in press. Travel expenses will be covered by TalentoTotal.

Key Responsibilities:

The CMO is responsible for creating a strategy that drives growth and shapes the way partners and global communities engage with TalentoTotal through innovation, analysis, and differentiation.

Set ambitious, yet clearly quantified goals that integrate cross-functional collaboration and interactions across organizational verticals (e.g., marketing, operations, design, finance, strategy, etc.).

Work with the CEO, CoS, Creative Director, COO, CSO, coaches / mentors, and strategic partners to manage TalentoTotal's marketing and communications strategy in Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

Develop and implement new marketing strategies and lead our marketing team by example through the creation of campaigns that improve user experience and shape the way partners and global communities engage with TalentoTotal through innovation, analysis, and differentiation.

Engage and collaborate daily with the creative director, media partners, and social media following to deliver TalentoTotal's value proposition to leadership, diversity, and inclusion, in addition to executive talent development, while simultaneously conveying the direct economic and professional benefit for candidates, companies, and organizational partners.

Develop relationships with corporations, NGOs, grassroots organizations, community / political leaders, ADI-focused organizations, affinity groups, universities / institutions of higher education, and government agencies in Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

Develop and maintain knowledge of the developments in core relationships and explore synergies that lead to additional opportunities for creativity, growth, and innovation.

Maintain regular and frequent dialogue with the CEO, CoS, Creative Director, COO, CSO, and coaches / mentors to deliver a formidable talent pipeline.
Interact with TalentoTotal's network across North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe to provide exposure for growth opportunities, strategic support, and additional talent pipelines with a keen focus on global ADI communities.

Relationship management, including assisting in developing appropriate university admissions strategies and talent procurement supported by demographic data, historical records, and current programs in the United States, Europe, and Latin America that are aligned with TalentoTotal's mission.

Provide high-quality comprehensive marketing and outreach analysis both for internal and external marketing purposes (Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). Social Media will be used extensively across multiple languages to source and attract talent in Afro-descendant and Indigenous communities.

Collaborate with Creative Director to produce strategic branding guide, tool kit, and brand identity guidelines to support best in class presentations, marketing material, and consistency across all platforms.

Coordinate the contribution and support from global non-profit organizations that operate in the Diversity and Inclusion space (Color de Colombia, Colombo Americano, Fundação Lemann, USAID, Mentors4U, On-Campus Student Affinity Groups).

The CMO will develop (i) strong relationships internally with coaches / mentors who are graduates of elite universities and graduate programs in the United States and Europe, (ii) multinational and national corporations and their leadership teams, (iii) in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the non-profit organization, (iii) an understanding of national / federal priorities for various nations, (iv) keen understanding of international diplomacy, and collaboration between several nations to develop synergies in social and political spheres.

Development Value:

Exposure to and engagement with global senior corporate management, senior government officials, and leaders in higher education, design thinking, and brand management.

Opportunity to develop world class broad based management and client relationship skills globally.

Opportunity to work in a small organization with a start-up culture that provides a valuable opportunity to understand entrepreneurship and how to build a business from the ground up, while simultaneously providing access to rapid career advancement and leadership opportunities.

Exposure to an open and multicultural working environment that requires extensive travel in remote sections of Latin America, the United States, and Europe. In addition, opportunity to lead and grow a creative multicultural marketing team across different countries, continents, and cultures.

Opportunity to develop a strong knowledge and understanding of intergovernmental affairs, international marketing, global management, as well as exposure to senior political officials, diplomats, and international business leaders.

Opportunity to develop a unique knowledge of complex and strategic operations across Latin America.

Team Member Specification

Knowledge / Experience:

Prior experience in leadership, journalism, marketing, content development, social media account management, and relationship management.

Demonstrate a working knowledge of a broad spectrum of marketing tools (Hootsuite, Facebook Ad Manager, Google Analytics, etc.) and how they meet the needs of our clients (high performing candidates, government agencies, corporations seeking diversity and inclusion and executive talent development).

Experience in Latin America or Europe with language capability (fluency) in English AND one of the three following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, or French (i.e. must speak English at the advanced level or higher AND one additional language fluently: Spanish, Portuguese, or French).

Strong command of the English language with ability to read, write, and communicate effectively or potential to advance rapidly.

Strong mental and physical fitness, required for travel to remote areas in and around cities in Brazil, Colombia, and greater Latin America, where the environment is challenging and / or dangerous.

Cultural dexterity with the ability to adapt to other cultures and environments using cultural knowledge, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills, while moving seamlessly through cross-cultural situations and diverse socioeconomic conditions (i.e. must be able to operate and communicate effectively in corporate executive board rooms and the trap / favela / barrio / hood).


Analytical – Assimilating new information quickly and relating it to the needs of our candidates, coaches / mentors, and strategic partners.

Organizational – Managing demands from several sources and working to deadlines.

Commercial Fluency – Capable of creating comprehensive metrics systems across multiple products, consumer journeys, and teams. Ability to link marketing / communications and commercial metrics and convey insights to peers.

Leadership and Community Building – Ability to manage a diverse team consisting of multiple disciplines and spread over multiple geographies. Ability to forge a strong sense of connection between the team and other organizational verticals.

General Management – Comfort with basics of running a large department (e.g., human resource management, team prioritization, resource allocation, budgeting, etc.).

Initiative – Ability to operate in a flat organization with minimal supervision, where team members are expected to make deliberate decisions, act quickly, and execute autonomously.

Proactivity, identifying situations that could result in new business and developing recommendations tailored to our partners and candidates where you are expected to be involved in the decision-making process.

Verbal and Written Communication – Attention to detail and assuming responsibility over time for partner contact.

Punctuality and the ability to act / execute in a timely manner.


Outside-The-Box Thinking – Demonstrates ability and willingness to develop innovative, exciting solutions to business problems. Possesses passion to challenge status quo and find new solutions.

Humility – Takes collaborative approach required to understand organizational problems. Believes in a non-hierarchical culture of collaboration, transparency, safety, and trust.

Customer Centricity – Is fascinated with how users experience products and services and has a strong drive to improve those experiences.

Ambition – Possesses significant personal and professional desire to excel personally and professionally.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills – Able to create and sustain good personal contacts with external strategic partners, balancing partnership requirements and TalentoTotal's priorities.

Self-starter – Prepared to take the initiative to follow issues through, while exercising judgment as to when to seek assistance.

Team Player – Able to work in a team environment with other individuals on a day-to-day and long-term basis.

Leadership – Capacity to provide purpose, direction, and motivation in a team-oriented environment.


Leadership Experience

Undergraduate Degree

Graduate Degree (Preferred)

Journalistic Experience

Social Media Expertise (Ad Campaign Management)



The position is a paid position that includes a monthly salary and associated benefits.

Chief Marketing Officer - BR

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