1.Processing Global Markets activities, including bond, foreign exchange and FXMM operations, derivatives.

2.Processing foreign operations including outgoing transfer and incoming payment.

3.Processing domestic payments including remittances, draft collection and clearing direct debit.

4.Processing corporate loan and trade finance transactions.

5.Handing internal and external report.

6.As MO coordinator at branch level, participating in document checking of client account opening/modifying/closing.

7.Monthly/Quarterly/Annually tax declaration at branch level.

8.Responsible for monitoring Maintenance Contract Dashboard to make sure every office equipment in good order (i.e. CCTV monitors/Access alarm system/Call back recording phone, etc.)

9.DDA maintenance and daily common data refreshing shared from SHG HQ.

10.IT coordinator to handle BCP, etc. with closely communication with SHG IT.

11.Performing other assignments required by the bank.

Operations Clerk

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