Job Description

Company Overview
RMGS is a growing small business, located in Virginia Beach, VA. We provide security-related training and advisory services to the US government, allied nations and private industry.
Job Summary
In more detail, the following specific actions relating to Partnership for Regional East Africa Counterterrorism (PREACT) are required:
Furnish and support Network Configuration Management Services for the Nigerien C2 staff.
Develop technical and administrative direction for the C2 Node functional and physical design requirements.
Provide advisory and mentor services to support the development of a new established Nigerien C2 Node and the deployable TOC systems.
Develop technical and administrative direction for the C2 Node functional and physical design requirements.
Provide training to familiarize Nigerien C2 staff with the operation of the C2
Node and deployable TOC systems.
Perform the following activities to support training for the Nigerien C2 staff:
Assist C2 Node command in developing duty and responsibility descriptions for each member of the C2 Node.
Ensure all Nigerien personnel assigned to the C2 Node and deployable TOC systems are able to perform their duties.
Develop and implement initial and refresher training to assigned personnel, in accordance with applicable training references. Where references do not exist, develop the necessary training documents and operating procedures.
Develop an assessment methodology that measures training effectiveness.
Provide required reports and assessments as outlined in SOW Section 5. Duties and Responsibilities.

Qualifications and Skills
+ Five (5) years? experience working in Africa, post-conflict, and/or developing nations.
+ Five (5) years? hands-on experience working as an enlisted member or officer of the U.S. military.
+ Two (2) years hands-on experience working as an Intelligence or Operations primary staff officer in a battalion-level or above Battle Staff/JOC/OPCEN.
+ Two (2) years? experience developing and delivering training modules to foreign militaries. Experience may be demonstrated by serving as a 91Z58 Chief Instructor or equivalent.
+ Two (2) years? experience advising foreign militaries.
+ U.S. citizen capable of maintaining a Secret clearance
+ Full-time Employee (not rotational); contract duration is through 2023
+ Workweek: 48-hours per week, when locals work and may include working on traditional days-off.
+ Base pay plus all allowable State Department uplifts for Post Differential, Danger Pay, and COLA.
+ Short- and Long-term Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, CONUS Health Insurance, 401k Plan, and Tricare Supplement.
+ PTO/Holidays: 30 days of Paid Time off per year. RMGS provides 10-days of floating Holiday Leave (either U.S. or Local Holidays).
Company provided
+ Secure, furnished housing
+ Car/driver
+ Laptop with high-speed internet service (with dongle)
+ Local cell phone
+ SAT phone with pre-paid minutes to use in case of emergencies.
+ First Aid kit
+ Deployment, redeployment, and official travel expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the Joint Federal Travel Reg. Pre-deployment medical screening, shots, Visas, and any work permits will also be covered.
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