Senior Content Analyst

TaskUs (Indore, MP, India) 27 days ago

Think of yourself as someone who will provide insight around new trends that will ensure high quality and safe experiences for both people and businesses across the social media family of apps, so not everyone can qualify for this role. We make sure we get the best of the best, after all, we are a ridiculously good company so we make sure our employees are top-notch.

As a Senior Content Analyst, you will be instrumental in keeping our online world engaging, appropriate, and safe. The best candidates are able to identify subtle differences in the meaning of digital communication and investigate deeply the newest trends in terms of User Safety. You will actively participate in employee assistance programs, program reporting initiatives and training to foster the well-being of you and the employee community. A Content Moderator will escalate through appropriate channels any changes that may impact performance or as necessary to maintain required KPIs. You will also adhere to security measures, confidentiality, and other project requirements in any way related to your work.

So what does all this mean for your day-to-day? In the Senior Content Analyst role, you will be working on a computer each day reviewing content such as videos, news stories, still pictures, and social media profiles. You will tag this content on areas such as age-appropriateness, level of violence, sexual content, and political transparency. This is a research oriented program, meaning that you won’t necessarily be trained on client related content but rather will help understand the Safety landscape and work with minimal guidelines. You need to have a prior experience in Safety and be able to understand context and interactions.

TaskUs devotes considerable resources to the wellbeing of its employees. Being a Content Moderator means participating in counseling sessions and other wellness programs:

  • All employees will attend wellness coaching sessions to ensure awareness of wellness resources and to ensure job adjustment.

  • All employees will attend wellness groups.

Some of our campaigns include disturbing content. Examples of these types of material may include but are not limited to:

  • Child exploitation and abuse

  • Animal torture

  • Gang Violence

  • Murder

  • Hate Speech


  • 4+ years experience in Content Moderation or Trust and Safety related role

  • Fluency in English

  • Developed investigative skills, you will have to do deep dive on and off platform research around specific issue types

  • Great understanding of the various Social Media Networks

  • Awareness around key bad actors in Content Moderation and how they evolve

  • Autonomy and critical thinking, you are able to work with little guidelines and can adapt to a changing environment

As a Senior content Analyst it is important for you to know the potential risks related to this type of work. While TaskUs is focused on employee wellness by having counselors on-site, resiliency programming, and other wellness initiatives, exposure to graphic and disturbing content is unavoidable. Some individuals with a sensitivity to viewing graphic or disturbing content may be at risk for developing distress, mental health symptoms, or, in rare instances, Secondary Traumatic Stress based on the content they are viewing.

TaskUs reserves the right to reassign Analysts to other TaskUs projects based on staffing needs, employee performance, and other considerations.

In order to help create a community that is safe for all employees, the Resiliency and Wellness Team takes an active role in the primary prevention of mental health concerns through direct practice efforts, e-learning, skills training, and outreach efforts to the TaskUs community. Our programs seek to raise awareness about psychological issues, challenge ideas that contribute to social inequity, disempowerment, and discrimination, as well as the underlying structures that support them. In addition, our programs empower employees to find and use their voices in a healthy and productive way.

Senior Content Analyst

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