• Evaluate credit applications – using our cutting-edge tech platform, analyzing data from financial statements, credit reference agencies, application forms and other third party sources to arrive at fast, fair, and accurate decisions
  • Ensure validity of customers’ information by site visit or phone verification
  • Having knowledge of key issues up-to-date (for example legal, market risk, regulation, and compliance)
  • Ensure adherence to the laid down policies and procedures for the smooth running of the division
  • Giving feedback and recommendation about current procedural and policy whether implementable or having the gaps
  • Identify & provide feedback on potential risk and implement the proposed solutions
  • Coordinate with support staff for getting CPV checks done for new customer as well as renewal customers
  • Monitor accounts (i.e. cash flows, repayments, account behaviour, compliance with covenants stipulated in the terms of approval) and ensure that portfolio is within the acceptable credit & compliance standards
  • Undertake regular review and monitor SME book to ensure that any adverse movements are highlighted and rectified proactively
  • Identify borrower utilization (under or over) and proactively initiate corrective measures


  • 3 years of experience in Corporate, Commercial, SME, or Micro loan underwriting, preferably within the SME sector or alternative Multi-finance or banking sector
  • Knowing credit cycles and risk management role responsibility. Understand where risk should be in the business model
  • Ability to interpret key financial statements and an understanding of the key risk drivers specific to SMEs or Unsecured Loan
  • An analytical mind set with a practical approach to problem solving
  • To be confident, focused and enthusiastic. He/she should be comfortable in a fast-paced start-up environment where every month needs to be a record month
  • Good communication skills. He/she will have direct telephone contact and visit with loan applicants to extract additional information