Customer Care Specialist

transcosmos (TCIS) (Taguig, Philippines) 2 days ago

Transcosmos are a $2b global BPO company which employs 45,000 amazing people in over 35 countries and ranked #1 BPO in Japan!

Summary of the Job:

You will handle inbound and/or outbound customer contacts for the project including questions on products and Customer/Support including billing and rate plan questions and changes, customer retention, up-sells, data product and service technical support, troubleshooting, sales and addition of new lines of service.


  • High School graduate
  • 2 yrs+ Call Center experience (with Telco background)
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • Highly customer-focused with a good understanding and working knowledge of product support
  • Customer oriented and enthusiastic
  • Flexible to work on a shifting schedule (24/7 support)

  • "STRONG ENGLISH SKILLS (Speaking): Ability to converse with native ENG speakers without strain for either party."
  • "TECHNICAL SKILLS: Strong aptitude and knowledge of personal computer hardware/software.
  • "CUSTOMER FOCUS: Ability to ask questions to accurately identify Customer needs.
  • "QUALITY FOCUS: Paying attention to and being able to identify small differences, mistakes or defects. This also involves being able to know when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong."
  • "SALES FOCUS: Influencing Customers’ decisions by creating an environment in which the needs of the Customer are being matched to the products and services provided by the person/organization; creating a positive impact on the Customer and persistently pursuing business despite."
  • "INTEGRITY: Possessing principles and values that guide one to behave in a fair and honest manner; demonstrating sound business ethics; stepping forward and taking a stand for what is right when made aware of unethical behaviour by others."
  • "OWNERSHIP: Ability to take responsibility for one’s own actions and holding others accountable for theirs; assuming responsibility for a job well done; being dependable, hardworking and focused on doing whatever is necessary to get the job done; demonstrating a commitment and pride in one’s own work."
  • "TEAMWORK: Cooperating and working effectively with others in the pursuit of common goals."
  • "PROBLEM SOLVING: Being able to effectively resolve problems that involve people, things, and processes requiring general logic and common sense. This may include gathering relevant information, considering alternatives, and drawing logical conclusions based on facts."
  • "MULTI-TASKING: Accurately and efficiently performing multiple responsibilities simultaneously and/or frequently moving from one activity to another without losing focus.
  • "POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Viewing the world in a positive and optimistic manner, rather than being cynical, distrustful or pessimistic; looking for the positive side to every situation rather than focusing on the negative."
  • US CULTURE AWEARNESS: Ability to understand basic US Culture (patterns of speech/slangs/geography/pop culture).

Start Date: September 14, 2020


As well as the fantastic opportunity to partner with huge global brands and pursue an exciting career with a rapidly growing BPO leader, transcosmos pride itself on a fun, healthy and encouraging work environment in the premium district of Mckinley Hill, Taguig.

We also reward of our staff with great benefits including:

  • Great compensation packages
  • HMO/Medical and dental coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Non-taxable allowances
  • Night differential
  • And much much more!

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