Customer Success Manager 客户成功经理

Tenjin (Shanghai, 中国) 18天前发布

Fast-growing tech start-up from San Francisco seeks a customer-centric Success Manager in China.

What you’ll do

We’re looking for a customer success manager who can handle day-to-day communication with our clients and help them grow their marketing activities. The job is mainly for Chinese customers but you’ll have some opportunities to work with global clients within our cross-functional team. Also, your job will require you to gain a basic, technical understanding of Tenjin's product and mobile app advertising; a willingness to learn these things is a must.

Your responsibilities

  • Day-to-day communication with clients on all levels: technical support, business, and product;
  • Solve the customer’s issue, collect clients’ feedback, provide client training on new features; 
  • Identify upselling opportunities

Who We Are 

Tenjin has offices in SF, Atlanta, Berlin, Tokyo, and Shanghai. We are offering analytical solutions for mobile marketers to grow their business with a better ROI.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or business, or equivalent work experience, some technical background;
  • 3+ years of customer-facing work experience
  • Excited by solving hard problems across technical, product, and business segments both internally and externally
  • Excellent communication, presentation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and program management skills, with a focus on translating business requirements into technological solutions.
  • Able to build great relationships internally across various departments;
  • Possess excellent verbal communication and writing skills in English and Chinese
  • Able to contribute to the success of a fast-paced and growing organization;
  • Interested in learning the technical part of the attribution/analytics product;
  • Comfortable about traveling for work

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master's degree in a management, technical, or engineering field
  • Web marketing and digital advertising experience
  • Mobile (iOS, Android) advertising experience
  • Worked previously in ad tech or the gaming industry, prior experience running mobile user acquisitions at scale is a big plus;
  • Possess SQL proficiency

Why should you work at Tenjin

Mobile marketing is driving innovation because app developers are eager to adopt any technology or tool if it helps them succeed. The stakes are large; the largest technology companies in the world generate a large portion of their revenue from mobile marketing and a successful mobile marketing effort can transform an unknown company into a billion-dollar unicorn with a billion users. In this dynamic environment, there is constant pressure to innovate.

All of us at Tenjin feel passionate about doing work that matters and our vision is to help our clients benefit from the fundamental shift that mobile marketing is taking towards transparency through data. Tenjin’s clients are at the forefront of this shift and they use Tenjin to process data from billions of devices every month.

In addition to the experience and knowledge that comes from working at the cutting-edge of data analytics and mobile marketing, working at Tenjin will provide you with many opportunities for growth and leadership. Tenjin is growing quickly so the ideal candidate is a good communicator who thrives in a dynamic environment and truly enjoys the challenge of learning and building things with other nice, intelligent people.


您的工作将要求您对 Tenjin 的产品和移动应用广告有基本的技术了解,处理与客户的日常沟通并帮助他们开展移动广告投放。本职位主要是面向中国客户,也需要在我们的跨职能团队中与全球客户和团队进行协作。


Tenjin 在旧金山,亚特兰大,柏林,东京和上海设有办公室。我们为移动营销人员提供分析解决方案,以提高投资回报率来发展其业务。


  • 与客户在各个层面上的日常沟通:技术支持,业务和产品;
  • 解决客户问题,收集客户反馈,为客户提供有关新功能的培训;
  • 识别销售机会


  • 工程或商业学士学位或同等工作经验,具有一定的技术背景;
  • 3-5年面向客户的工作经验;
  • 乐于解决了内部和外部的关于技术,产品和销售的难题;
  • 出色的沟通,演讲,解决问题,解决冲突和计划管理技能;
  • 能够在各个部门内部建立良好的关系;
  • 具备出色的中英文口头交流和写作能力;
  • 能够为快速发展的组织的成功做出贡献;
  • 有兴趣学习归因/分析产品的技术部分;


  • 管理,技术或工程领域的硕士学位;
  • 网络营销和数字广告经验;
  • 移动(iOS,Android)广告经验;
  • 曾在广告技术或游戏行业工作过,有大规模进行移动用户获取/投放的经验;
  • SQL

为什么要在 Tenjin 工作:

全球最大的几家科技公司的大部分收入都来自移动广告,成功的移动广告可以将不知名的公司转变为拥有十亿用户独角兽。移动广告行业一直在创新,开发人员渴望采用有助于其成功的技术或工具。在这个动态的环境中,创新的压力是持续不断的。Tenjin 愿景是帮助客户通过数据在移动广告中受益。我们的客户每天使用 Tenjin 来处理数十亿设备的数据。

除了在数据分析和移动广告的最前沿的工作中获得的经验和知识外,在 Tenjin 的工作还将为您提供许多发展和领导机会,迅速成长,因此理想的人选是能够在动态环境快速成长的伙伴,并且能真正享受与其他聪明努力的伙伴一起并肩学习,接受挑战。


Please submit your resume in both English and Chinese on 2 pages, 1 page in English, 1 page in Chinese



Customer Success Manager 客户成功经理

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