PT THE CLOTHES (Jakarta Pusat Menteng, Indonesia) 26 days ago

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Analyze the brand’s performance throughout the sales data
  • Maintain the sales progress by analyzing the items selling and performances of each brand (profitable and under-performed brand)
  • Provide and calculate the sell through for each brand in order to prepare the budgeting process
  • Provide monthly sell through of each brand for brand’s vendor
  • Provide the quantity order of some brands to support the goods order process
  • Should be meticulous and possess a visual and analytical mindset to create reports that depict data in an easy to understand format, along with useful analysis and insights to support customer service operations.
  • Gather data, prepare, processing and publish directed operational, performance, adhoc and client reports.
  • Interpreting data into comprehensive report with attractive easy to understand data visualization.