Job Description

The data analyst is responsible to analyse clients modeling data, to maintain and develop underwriting and financial reporting systems that support the company’s optimized financial risk position in regards to its exposure to natural catastrophes (i.e. earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc.) and other manmade exposures. Major tasks will include analysing modeling data from insurance clients in third party software such as RMS, AIR and RiskInsight, researching catastrophe risk, and creating reports related to the company’s risk exposure. The candidate will provide support and be part of the Arch Re Bermuda CAT Modeling team.

  • Analyse modeling data from insurance clients in third party software such as RMS, AIR and RiskInsight,
  • Research catastrophe risk and create reports related to the company’s risk exposure
  • Integrate and run pricing software in the day to day underwriting business workflow
  • Maintain the company’s modeling and pricing software and developing methodologies to help the Company in its assessment of its exposure to various losses, including catastrophe or manmade risk position by pricing contracts, measuring marginal impact to its portfolio and ranking them based on profitability
  • Develop and document software packages that integrate third party modeling software with the company’s existing software/databases

Mandatory Requirements:

· Proficiency in SQL and MS Access, Visual Basic and database management systems such as SQL Server or other similar software, as well as MS Excel.

· Strong analytical, communication and time management skills with an ability to exhibit critical thinking.

· Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work in a diverse and dynamic team, to adapt to change in workload and/or priorities.

· Should be ready to work outside of normal office hours on a regular basis, including evenings, weekends and public holidays as necessary

· Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics, Statistics or Physics

Additional Recommended Experience:

· A previous working experience using one of the Third Party modeling software (RMS, AIR, EQE.) is recommended

· A working experience on one object oriented programming language (C#, VB .NET, Python, JavaScript) is greatly appreciated.

· Basic knowledge of Insurance and/or reinsurance contracts and terminology

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