Job Description

We are looking for individuals with a proven track record in big data projects. A background in AML, KYC, screening, regulatory compliance or fraud is highly advantageous, especially for more senior roles.

In this role you will:

Work with clients to solve business problems in the area of fraud, compliance and financial crime:

  • Manage, transform and cleanse high volume data;
  • Write defensive, fault tolerant and efficient code for data processing;
  • Automate data processing to enable on-going alerts on high risk activity;
  • Present project results to clients;
  • Work very closely with data scientists to ensure efficient and effective delivery of solutions;
  • Use leading open source big-data tools, such as Spark, Hadoop, Scala and Elasticsearch. You should be comfortable with working with high profile clients, on their sites;
  • Work with our expert software development team to produce reusable applications;
  • Use emerging and open source technologies such as Spark, Hadoop, and Scala;
  • Collaborate on scalability issues involving access to massive amounts of data and information;
  • Take on ad-hoc tasks as required for the running of a small, yet rapidly expanding business.

For senior roles in addition you should be comfortable:

  • Working with clients to Elicit and document solution requirements;
  • Assuring high quality implementation of solutions;
  • Providing technical vision for, managing and developing teams to deliver Quantexa's software to clients.


Candidates must have the following:

  • Experience working on big data project implementations;
  • Excellent technical skills including expert knowledge of at least one big data technology such as Spark, Hadoop, or Elasticsearch;
  • Experience of building data processing pipelines for use in production “hands off” batch systems, including either (or preferably both) traditional ETL pipelines and/or analytics pipelines;
  • Strong coding experience in the likes of Scala or Java;
  • Client facing experience, good communication and presentation skills;
  • Academic qualifications in computer science, physics, mathematics or similar degree (Credit or above) or equivalent;
  • Enthusiasm to learn and develop emerging technologies and techniques;
  • Exhibit strong technical communication skills with demonstrable experience of working in rapidly changing client environments;
  • Demonstrate strong analytical and problem-solving skills and the ability to debug and solve technical challenges with sometimes unfamiliar technologies;

Ideal candidates will also:

  • Have worked on a variety of complex data orientated projects for financial services clients;
  • Have a good understanding of computer science and preferable come from a software engineering background or other scientific degree incorporating IT modules (e.g. Maths/Physics);
  • Have exposure to Agile, especially SCRUM;
  • Be open to short-medium term international travel;
  • Arrive with experience at working with a variety of modern development tooling (e.g. Git, Gradle, Jenkins, Nexus) as well as technologies supporting automation and DevOps (e.g. Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Docker and a little bit of good old Bash scripting);
  • Have an excellent appreciation of what makes a high quality, operationally stable system and how to streamline all areas of development, release and operations to achieve this.


  • Competeitve Salary
  • Company Bonus
  • Supperannuation of 9.5%
  • Huge opportunities due to scale of growth
  • Unlimited access to technical library
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