Job Description

Hello, Future Service Design Lead,

Together, we look forward to changing the world through education and empowering future thought leaders to create impact.

Founded in January 2016 as a startup, Academy Xi is a now an early growth stage training company specialising in digital design and technology training for individuals and companies.

Our goal is to support companies in addressing the growing digital skills gap, whilst helping individuals to embark on a new digital career or making an essential career transition.

We’re here to make a difference by supporting companies looking to address digital skills gaps, and helping individuals enhance their digital capabilities to make career transitions. We’ve trained and inspired thousands of people, with clients like the Department of Jobs, PWC, Telstra and Xero to name a few.

Having raised $2.25M in 2017, we recently raised an additional $3M in funding to expedite our growth for international expansion.


The Service Design Lead will:

  • Support, build an enhance the student, employee, instructor and client experience with the relevant teams
  • Support, build and improve the student outcomes programs with the relevant teams
  • Engage with large scale client training programs and projects
  • Run, build and facilitate important corporate training programs
  • Lead large client transformation programs and projects
  • Improve the internal customer journey of Academy Xi
  • Drive Service experience company innovation
  • Lead the direction the direction of our product/dev team to ensure the end-to-end seamless experience is without
  • Drive and develop exceptional experiences across the entire organisation

Most importantly we are looking for outstanding:

  • Levels of empathy
  • Experience and traction with digital transformation
  • Strong client rapport building skills
  • Business development experience
  • Experience working on multiple digital projects
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Experience working in change management

With this level of experience:

  • Currently or recently practicing at well known companies/start-ups
  • 5+ years UX, CX or Service Design (or similar) experience as a practitioner
  • 2+ years working in leadership roles
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in design-related roles
  • Proven transaction of digital transformation and/or change management
  • Experience building strong internal processes
  • Strong business or strategic design skill mindset
  • Experience working in a large consultancy
  • Strong facilitation skills

We're looking for individuals passionate and motivated to work in fast pace environment to make immediate impact

You will know what good (and bad) design looks, feels and functions like. You will understand the industry and know what employers care about. You will be able to draw upon your experiences to provide examples, and on your UX/SD network as required.

We require genuine passion and care for clients and students, understanding their needs, their reasons for studying with Xi, and the outcomes and results they achieve during and post-study.

You will believe in the transformative power of education to change lives and provide opportunity.

You are genuinely passionate about:

  • Assisting professional students to achieve their objectives through training;
  • Design and Technology, technological changes and trends; and
  • Digital skills, skills gaps, and emerging career opportunities

Attitude, behaviour, tribe, and culture are critical to us, and you will be:

  • Results focused, highly motivated, continuously striving for student over performance consistently delivering results, hustling, thinking outside the box. We are a fast-paced startup.
  • Speaking on industry panels and events to represent Academy Xi
  • Connecting with our industry partners
  • Supportive of/and responsive to Xi students;
  • Collaborative with clients, employers, the experience team and entire Xi tribe;
  • Diligent with training administration and reporting;
  • Resilient and able to deal with change; and
  • Ethical and equitable.


Being a startup with a purpose and a grand, achievable vision, we believe in ensuring our best are healthy, wealthy and wise. To that end, we support your financial, physical and intellectual well being:

  • Attractive share options plan in an exciting startup that plans to chang
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