Meet Genieus:
Conversation as an interface is the most natural way for humans to interact with technology.
So my creators, a bunch of AI experts with a passion for travelling, who call themselves
Genieus, used the power of conversational AI to build me. And give people a completely
effortless travel experience. Right now, my beta version can help you search for flights, book
them and even check you in- all with your voice. Soon, with some training from you, I'll be
your perfect travel buddy and sort out all your travel plans. All you have to do is say O Genie. | Download app
Now, I need a DevOps Genieus
We are looking for an experienced DevOps engineer that will help our team establish DevOps
practice. You will work closely with the technical lead to identify and establish DevOps
practices in the company. You will establish configuration management, automate our
infrastructure, implement continuous integration, and train the team in DevOps best practices
to achieve a continuously deployable system.
● Build a Security-first architecture.
● Implement security philosophies to build a bulletproof system.
● Implement pipelines to automate deployment, monitoring and scaling.
● Help with cost optimizations of infrastructure.
● Assist development teams with any infrastructure needs & technical support.
● Available 24×7 for any production issues (Site Reliability).
● Own all the existing cloud infrastructure (AWS – EC2, RDS, Elasticsearch,
Elasticache and much more).
● 4+ years work experience as a DevOps Implementation Engineer or similar software
engineering role.
● Working knowledge of Kubernetes and similar orchestration methodologies for
● Significant technical, automation, and programming experience throughout the full
lifecycle enterprise SDLC.

● A comprehensive understanding of enterprise software development tools and
methodologies, including typical enterprise application architectures and the ability to
write scripted or compiled application and automation code.
● Hands on experience with AWS services (EC2, VPC, RDS, Route53 and others).
● Worked with next-gen infrastructure & application monitoring, Service discovery
tools (Grafana, Prometheus, Zabbix, New Relic, Consul etc.)
● Inquisitive nature & Self-starter who can implement with minimal guidance.
● Experience with DevOps techniques and philosophies.
● Experience with deploying and maintaining high traffic infrastructure (performance
testing is a plus).
● Extensive hands-on experience with MySQL databases.
● Familiarity with modern Big Data stack (Spark or Hadoop, Kafka or RabbitMQ,
ZooKeeper, Redis, Memcache, Lucene, MongoDB).
● Expert with scripting languages (high five on python and/or shell).
● Experience with configuration management at scale of over 100 servers.
(Ansible/Puppet/Chef etc.) & Infrastructure as Code (Terraform).

DevOps Engineer (Remote)

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