Job Description

Purpose & Overall Relevance for the Organization:

The mission of the role is to build the adidas brand as the best sports brand in China throughmaximizing innovative and inspirational brand exposure by recommending, planning and executing initiatives in Above-the-Line, Online and Mobile Media. He/she will achieve this mission by:

  • Pro-actively developing and recommending advertising, new media strategies and its derived programs.
  • Planning and overseeing the development, preparation and implementation of the adidas communications campaigns, in above-the-line and below-the-line media and (mobile) Internet, including media planning and buying activities.
  • Pro-actively directing agencies and her/his team to maximize brand and (new) product exposure for adidas while maximizing integration with other elements of the marketing mix.
  • Being a key Brand Guardian

Key Responsibilities:


  • Pro-actively develops and recommends integrated advertising, new media strategies and its derived programs according to the marketing plan
    • Suggests how to strategically position adidas to convey the brand as innovative and inspirational
    • Provides input into the annual and quarterly media/advertising plan in close coordination with the creative, media, digital, and PR agencies
    • Provides input into the annual and quarterly marketing plan and provides input into the brand asset plans
    • Strategically utilizes our global and local sponsored athletes/celebs/KOLs, teams, and events with effective communication initiatives to provide the authentic link to our technical product ranges
  • Creates comprehensive action plans for all Brand communications projects with the aim to maximize brand and (new) product exposure while maximizing efficiencies
    • Identifying how global communications can be adapted and implemented or developed to local initiatives
    • Recommends and/or develops creative material for brand campaigns with senior manager
    • Develops rollout plans that are in line with the marketing plan and time frame
    • Constantly liaises with Retail and Sales and with other communications disciplines to ensure smooth implementation
  • Proactively works with Sports Marketing, EIM and Retail Marketing teams in supporting all their brand asset activities and all trade fairs and trade meetings with aim to position the brand as set out in our objectives
  • Remains up to date on the fast developing Media Environment in general and New Media technologies and opportunities in particular
  • Identifies communication opportunities, as well as opportunities for Co-ops & Cobranding


  • Manages sourcing of all (locally produced) Brand Communication material at the lowest price while still maintaining good quality and adidas standards
  • Assumes responsibility for the (legally) correct usage of the adidas trademarks and logos
  • Sources, establishes strong relationships and manages day-to-day activities with relevant agency partners and (media) vendors
  • Proactively directs the Brand communications team to create the most innovative and creative ideas
  • Provides briefings to the Creative Services to convey the desired retail presence and image at retail


  • Develop and Manage category monthly budget plan based on agreed marketing calendar of a good balance of brand and commercial needs.
  • Follows, maximizes and controls the Brand Communication budget as set according to the Marketing Plan
  • Suggests future Brand Communication budgets
  • Negotiates and develops quotations with vendors by setting clear objectives and expectations
  • Evaluates and recommends pricing levels for all Brand Communication purchases

Systems and Processes

  • Develops and implements planning and execution processes, follows the marketing plan timely, and that maximizes brand and (new) product exposure
  • Executes and tracks the Brand Communications plan
  • Implements quality control systems for production of all materials containing adidas logo
  • Co-ordinates all launches of relevant material with Category Merchandising team and Sales department
  • Establishes and maintains system to track and restock inventories for all related materials
  • Develops, maintains and co-ordinates processes with the Retail Operations Department and the Sales department that ensure timely (in-store)implementation around thecountry
  • Post evaluates campaign performance by conducting or coordinating research and tracking project development, and then collating results into regular quality reports
  • Benchmarks the progress in the brand perception of the consumers
  • Is responsible for on-time and accurate provision of Commitment and Payment