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Director of Business Development

Hello. Hey. Hi. Are you a US American living abroad? This is for you!

We're an international staffing agency specializing in recruiting marketers, and we're looking for someone who can talk through marketing strategy with our clients.

It's a very fast-paced job, and you'll be working alongside a super-sharp team.

You will not be running any marketing.

Your job is simply to talk, strategize, and charm.

Our team is fun.

Everyone here is high-energy and engaging—if you want this role, you’re a schmoozer, and people are drawn to you.

You’ll be getting on calls with CEOs of SMBs and talking through their needs. Should they hire a Social Media Manager? Do they actually need a Paid Ads Expert? Or maybe a Shopify Developer instead?

You'll need to be incredibly familiar with marketing.

Like: Shopify / HubSpot / Google Ads / E-Commerce / SEO — you'll need to be able to comfortably talk through Demand Gen strategies.


  • Show up to meetings. Make people fall in love with us. Get them to sign engagement letters.

  • Work closely with our CEO to execute a strategic sales plan.

  • Talk through marketing strategies with Clients.

  • Debate with Clients on what their correct hiring decisions should be.

  • Work alongside our Digital Marketing Team + SDR to increase the close rate.


  • You are a US American living outside of the United States speaking native English

  • A minimum of 4 years of marketing experience

  • Must have attended an accredited American college/university

  • In-depth marketing industry knowledge allows you to provide valuable insights and advice to clients. We are going to ask you about your HubSpot + Paid Ads, etc. You will not get this job without this knowledge.

  • Prior work experience at a tech startup, showcasing the ability to thrive in a fast-paced, innovative environment.

  • Exceptional communication skills, enabling you to effectively convey ideas, address client needs, and close deals.

  • Willingness to work in line with US East Coast hours to ensure seamless collaboration with our team and clients. 9 am - 5 pm EST

  • You speak quickly. This is a fast-moving team. You'll find no better match if you’re looking for that.

Important Note

All applications should be submitted in English

Application Process:

To be considered for this role these steps need to be followed:

  • Fill in the application form

  • Record a video showcasing your skill sets

  • By submitting this application, you agree to share your data and video with our clients and relevant parties for potential job opportunities.

If ever you want us to delete your information, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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Director of Business Development

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