Job Description

# Position Information (Default Section)
## General Description
The job function of the Director of Financial Accounting includes the active management and oversight of the transactional financial accounting function consisting of payroll, accounts payable, general accounting, and grant and contracts accounting. The Director maintains a system for the fiscal management of the resources of the institution. The Director of Financial Accounting may be required to perform the duties of the Director of Budgeting and Fiscal Planning during his/her absence.
## What position(s) reports to this position?
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Payroll Coordinator
Senior Payroll and Financial Accountant
Senior Accounting Specialist
## Job Duties (Position Specific)
(The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.)
## Job Duties (Duties Assignment Statement)
Develop, implement and test systems of internal control processes and procedures to ensure the integrity of the College’s fiscal functions.
Prepare written reports setting forth the results of the testing of internal control process noting any strengths and/or deficiencies and provide reports in a timely manner as directed by the Chief Financial Officer.
Prepare financial reports required for the annual external financial audit in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles for the College and the South Oklahoma City School District and timely provide to the Chief Financial Officer for review.
Prepare information required for the annual internal audit and timely provide to the Chief Financial Officer for review Prepare financial analysis of special projects as requested by the Chief Financial Officer.
Develop and recommend financial policies and procedures for implementation to the Chief Finance Officer to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal regulations and Office of Management and Enterprise Services requirements.
Review the preparation and distribution of employee payrolls. Responsible for ensuring that payroll processing and system is compliant for state and federal reporting pursuant to state and federal regulations.
Responsible for ensuring that all state and federal tax payments and payroll reports are processed and filed timely.
Responsible for ensuring W-2s and 1099s are prepared and distributed on a timely basis. Review College expenditures to ensure that said expenditures are in compliance with the Office of State Finance.
Advise the Chief Financial Officer with timely updates to state reporting requirements and changes in applicable regulations affecting the institution.
Provide a system for the administration of grant funds.
Assist in developing grant budgets in the pre-award process. In the post-award process, review and verify grant and contract transactions to ensure compliance with the grant contract and federal regulations.
Advise the Chief Financial Officer regarding the operating efficiencies (strengths) and challenges of the Finance Department including general accounting, accounts payable, payroll and grant accounting to maintain an effective organization.
Recommend needed training and professional development for departmental personnel. Provide supervisory oversight to subordinate staff to achieve effective and efficient work flow, project management, and timely completion of assigned projects. Advise the Chief Financial Officer with respect to personnel requirements.
Advise the Chief Financial Officer on significant matters and support other members of management in the achievement of their goals and operational purposes. Maintain relationships with all departments for effective and efficient operation.
Maintain an integrated computerized accounting and reporting system(s), which includes the preparation of the College’s financial reports in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.
Maintain the system of control of the education and general expenditure budget by function, organizational accountability unit, and object of expenditure classifications.
Maintain the system of control of auxiliary services by organizational accountability unit and object of expenditure classification.
Coordinate the consolidation and preparation of the College budgets and formulate, in conjunction with the Director of Budgeting and Fiscal Planning, necessary financial analysis.
Coordinate the preparation of financial reports and audit schedules for both internal and external financial audits and work directly with auditors during the audit process.
Provide oversight of the Accounts Payable Department to ensure that payments are made timely and in accordance with the purchasing and travels laws of the State of Oklahoma.
Provide oversight of the Payroll Department to
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