Job Description

Driver needed to support a district-based voluntary medical male circumcision program and will be responsible to supporting the VMMC program team to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently but facilitating the transport of the program’s materials and supplies, as well as operating the program’s mobile clinic. The Driver will operate the vehicle in a safe manner in accordance with local law and policies, following traffic rules and regulations strictly.


  • Understand the basic operations and maintenance requirements of the mobile unit
  • Ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers at all times
  • Treat staff and passengers with respect and courteously regardless of gender, age, religion or nationality
  • Coordinate closely with program team to develop schedule, route and direction information
  • Deliver and pick up material and documents at offices and designated locations following the instructions accurately
  • Always keep supervisor informed if driving at night or if driving into areas considered potentially unsafe
  • Never use vehicle for personal use
  • Ensure timely conveyance of materials and documents to and from places as instructed by supervisor or manager and report any instance of mishap to supervisor/manager

Repair and maintenance

  • Keep the vehicle neat and clean at all times
  • Refuel vehicles
  • Carry out necessary inspections
  • Complete daily safety and maintenance checks of vehicle. Perform minor maintenance, repair and cleaning work on vehicles; (e.g. replace bulbs, refill radiator water, change tires).
  • Ensure timely engine oil change and other lubricants i.e. brake fluid, engine oil, when required
  • Report any case of accident, injury or damage of the vehicle to the supervisor/ manager


  • Maintain accurate records including vehicle logs, fuel, oil change, maintenance record and others as required
  • Follow the safety and security guidelines
  • Notify supervisor of any safety or maintenance concerns.
  • Assist program team with documentation at program sites as needed
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