Job Description

Programme Description
The Pfizer Remote-Detailing solution (also known as Remote Personal Selling) will be a comprehensive, live video detailing platform that delivers a rich multi-media interaction between a trained Pfizer sales representative and a HCP The programme will differentiate Pfizer and seek to represent an extension of our product promotional information services by offering a high quality, convenient and easy to use service through which physicians can access relevant and timely information on Pfizer products and services based on their needs and preferences
Programme Objectives
Achieve actual sales reach among customers in territories without field colleague assignment, as well as increase effective reach among customers in territories with continued field colleague assignment. Ensure Pfizer Remote-Detailing team's competitive advantage by building a best-in-class Remote-Detailing service that leverages best sales practices combined with available infrastructure to achieve efficiencies and deliver optimal results Provide Pfizer Sales Colleagues with a rewarding role that builds customer relationships as well as personal skill set
Role Profile Considerations
The dominant candidate requirements for a Remote-Detailing, E-Representative Sales Team role align precisely with those of our Field Colleagues
Good selling skill and communication
Strong product knowledge
Excellent communications proficiency
Outstanding relationship building skills
In addition, there are a couple of key qualifications and capabilities that are important given the nature of selling through video & Kadrige technology via face time and various multimedia presentation
High quality representative with a proven ability and impact on sales
Proven selling performance
This is particularly important as the video feed is 2-ways communication
an E-representative needs a conversational, questioning style and a proven ability to engage with customers
Energy and enthusiasm
The format requires particular engagement. High energy and enthusiasm is important to allow personality to be conveyed via the video feed, as well as to maintain momentum of the conversation
Location - Proximity to the Pfizer country office call centre
Additional skills training will be provided as part of the programme implementation managed by the trainer, stat co.
Phone skills
Advanced questioning and probing
Comfort with the technology and software used
+ Experience and qualifications
+ 0-2 years Medical representative
+ Pharmacy Degree or equivalent academic qualification.
+ Sales capabilities (HCP- In Call Performance) To be validated as 'top decile' against the following sales capabilities:
+ Conversational questioning
+ Opening, identifying and clarifying needs
+ Engaging the customer in compelling reasons to use the brand - skills
+ Engaging the customer in compelling reasons to use the brand - knowledge
+ Close and agree customer actions
+ Recording and follow up
+ Attitudes and behaviours This is the area that significantly differentiates performance. Core attitudes and behaviours are:
+ Energy and focus to help engagement
+ Proactive and positive attitude to find solutions and identify best practice
+ Drive for results as impact can be gauged immediately
+ Team working being prepared to work as a team to a common goal
Taking Accountability and encouraging others to do so as well
Pfizer is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable equal employment opportunity legislation in each jurisdiction in which it operates.

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