Maintenance Engineer - Datacenter

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Maintenance Engineer - Datacenter

Who are we? 

Equinix is the world’s digital infrastructure company, operating 200+ data centers across the globe and providing interconnections to all the key clouds and networks. Businesses need one place to simplify and bring together fragmented, complex infrastructure that spans private and public cloud environments. Our global platform allows customers to place infrastructure wherever they need it and connect it to everything they need to succeed.

We are a fast-growing global company with 70+ consecutive quarters of growth. Through our innovative portfolio of high-performance products and services, we have created the largest, most active global ecosystem of nearly 10,000 companies, including 1,800+ networks and 2,900+ cloud and IT service providers in over 26 countries spanning five continents.  

Joining our operations team means that you will be at the forefront of all we do, maintaining critical facilities infrastructure as part of a close-knit team delivering best in class service to our data center customers. We embrace diversity in thought and contribution and are committed to providing an equitable work environment. that is foundational to our core values as a company and is vital to our success

We are looking for a Maintenance Engineer – Datacenter based in Milan
What is the role about?

Maximising service continuity and optimising the quality and reliability of site infrastructure services, while adhering to energy efficiency and budgetary constraints.

Your Principal Job Responsibilities Will Be

Service continuity

  • Helping to develop preventive maintenance programmes for the site infrastructure and implementing them with the key suppliers. Following operations closely with a constant focus on minimising the risk of operations. Ensuring that those activities are documented in full, including any details on how structural adjustments should be made

  • Taking part in audits in order to assess service continuity regularly, risk analysis

  • Subsequent to the findings of the audits or any incidents that occur on site, implementing improvement plans

  • Taking part in overseeing a specific crisis management plan, as well as overseeing related tests and implementation.

  • Remaining fully cognisant about developments and practices on the sites with a view to intervening independently and come what may. Guiding the maintenance technicians so that they can rectify any incidents that occur on the sites

  • In addition to the above, being able to manoeuvre and operate certain electrical infrastructure in order to protect people, physical resources and/or to maintain on-site service continuity. See details of the electrical handling tasks in the same section at the end of the document

Managing capacity and infrastructure upgrades

  • Monitoring and reporting to the Infrastructure Manager about the capacities of the various technical batches, their sub-levels and their level of use/stress

  • Anticipating the impact of future infrastructure changes for clients, establishing alert thresholds and considering technical solutions to strengthen infrastructure (technical, planning and budgetary decisions, etc.) and/or their redundancy levels

  • On the orders of Infrastructure Manager, leading considerations on how to strengthen infrastructure (studies, ratification from main offices, estimates for construction, planning, risk analysis, procedures, etc.)

  • For project launch purposes, managing the project in collaboration with the supporting resources and in collaboration with client activities, where necessary

Energy management

  • As part of the site management plan, personally overseeing all the steps needed to improve PUE by taking action in the field of infrastructure

  • Proactively advising of the need to increase power acquired from the energy supplier

  • Developing energy quality indicators as provided by infrastructures. Maintaining longstanding partners and participating in commitments undertaken by the supplier to improve energy quality and reliability

Systems and KPIs

  • With the aid of the Monitoring/Systems Team, ensuring that the site's centralised technical systems run smoothly

  • Ensuring that at any point these systems are such that the infrastructure can be monitored and harnessed as soon and as efficiently as possible, including for use by safety agents and the customer operations team

  • Establishing maintenance providers activities on the site within the Group's CMMS system

  • Producing any indicators or data that would be useful for calculating an indicator, as requested by the Infrastructure Manager and/or Infrastructure Administrative Director

Safety and quality management

  • Helping to ensure that the site is fully compliant with all existing infrastructure standards

  • Keeping the site legislation documentation up to date, namely: permits, operating licenses (classified facilities) and documentation about any legal requirements that should arise over time

  • Assisting with all infrastructure-related certification identified by the group

  • Implementing all legal health and safety requirements with a view to improving the safety of every employee and visitor to the site

  • Ensuring that the Group's directives on third party intervention conditions are applied properly so as to guarantee their safety and the safety of our infrastructure

Who are you?

  • Technical training (senior technician or engineer) in the following sectors: electricity (generators, inverters, low voltage distribution), air conditioning, fire protection and safety (access control, video system, intrusion), GTC systems

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in a similar role, preferably within a datacentre working environment

  • Technical versatility

  • Ability to suggest proposals and a proactive mindset

  • Ability to communicate fluently with third parties and internal customers

  • Detail-oriented and ability to monitor activities

  • Able to speak fluent English and Italian

What We Offer

  • The opportunity to leave your mark in a company that is growing quickly and still manages to keep a pioneer spirit.

  • A competitive salary and a company culture, that values commitment, respect and fun at work.

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Maintenance Engineer - Datacenter

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