Solen Software Group: Solen Software Group is an evergreen holding company that acquires and operates proven software businesses that have significant growth potential in a variety of vertical markets, enabling them to be market leaders in their niche industry. Solen owns several software companies in various market spaces: Human Resource Technology, Fleet Telematics, Asset Management. Solen is backed by a group of advisors and investors that have built software businesses of material scale (10-100M in ARR) and advised many.

Your Role: At Solen, it is Day 1 of a journey that will last decades. This is an opportunity to be a crucial member of the Solen team–managing the mission-critical aspect of the business: Financial analysis. Solen has built a highly productive sourcing engine - you will be a critical part of helping Solen enter our next phase of growth as an elite, professionalized holding company. You will be involved in aspects of the entire deal lifecycle, managing financial resources efficiently and effectively. Make strategic decisions that improve the company's profitability and growth. Evaluate the company's financial performance and make adjustments as needed. Assess financial risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.The role will report directly to Alex Spencer, the company's CEO, and will work closely with the leadership team. The scope of this role expands well beyond the tactical aspects of underwriting and diligence. You will be a strategic partner for the future of Solen's strategy.

About You

  • You have a high curiosity and drive to connect with business owners.
  • You are scrappy.
  • You are a leader.
  • You are self-motivated and work autonomously.
  • You think independently and are open to learning and sharing new ideas.
  • You have excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.
  • You are collaborative.
  • You are a multi-faceted generalist with a specialization in your craft: Financial analyst.
  • You understand Software and love b2b SaaS.
  • You have a sense for value and focus on the key “needle moving” questions (80/20).
  • You are proactive in doing whatever it takes to answer the key diligence questions, and are focused on getting perspectives from customers, competitors, and industry experts.
  • You are a systematic thinker. You develop tools, frameworks, and processes that can be used to streamline and scale our financial analysis engine.


  • Analyzing financial data and trends to provide insights and recommendations.
  • Evaluating investment opportunities and assessing risks.
  • Preparing financial reports, forecasts, and projections.
  • Conducting industry and market research.
  • Recommending strategies for optimizing financial performance.
  • Assisting in budgeting and financial planning.
  • Providing support for decision-making processes.
  • Communicating financial information to various stakeholders.
  • Staying updated on financial regulations and best practices.


    • Experience: 2+ years prior work experience in financial analysis
    • Decision-making skills.
    • Strong financial modeling and presentation development skills
    • Experience managing third party vendors (quality of earnings, tax, legal, etc.)
    • Overall executive presence and prior experience directly interacting with founders, investors, bankers, and other intermediaries
    • Prior experience in software is plus.
    • Advanced Excel, written, and verbal communication skills.
    • Mergers and acquisitions analysis.

      Financial Analyst/ Modeler

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