Job Description

Job Descriptions
and Requirement:
•Oversee and supervise the production of:Monthly financial reports; Annual financial returns; Rolling financial forecasts
•Ensure operating procedures comply with audit, compliance rules, and group policy.
•Liaison with local auditors and tax advisors.
•Liaison with local officials, state officials, and any other regulatory personnel.
•Ensure statutory, tax, and local official declarations are accurate and submitted on time.
•Progressing and reporting on receivables, managing all payments, and optimising operating cash flows.
•Preparation of financial proposals, through understanding, of all capital and non capital projects.
•Manage a process of continuous improvement – with regard to efficiency and performance targets within the organisation.
•Development & provision of management accounting information for local managers.
•Liaison with local management, divisional finance staff, and Spectris finance staff.
•Support and monitor progress of local (functional) staff.
•Ensure integrity of SAP data across the business, through developing a good understanding of all operational procedures.
•Input to divisional projects as required.
•Sales and Purchase contract reviews, authorisation of these for compliance with all statutory regulations and standard T&C’s.
•Review and approval compliance with policy for all new employee contracts, terminations, changes to existing contracts.
•Administer payroll
•Company efficiency & profitability.
•Customer satisfaction (Internal/External).
•Professional image of Malvern Instruments.
-Internal – with all departments, in particular with local General Manager, divisional finance and Spectris finance.
-External – with auditors, government agencies, customers, and suppliers.
-Based in Zhuhai, China
•Fluent in English and Mandarin.
•Professional Accounting qualification, equivalent to ACA or ACMA level.
•Supervisory responsibility.
•PC literate & confident with integrated business systems.
•Confident and proactive.
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