Frontend Developer (Working Student)

Superai (Berlin BE, Deutschland) Vor 6 Tagen veröffentlicht

Imagine yourself designing and implementing the next breakthrough AI/Machine-Learning services, enabling AI for everyone at the start of the company's explosive growth.

At super.AI, we are building services to enable AI/Machine Learning technologies for the masses. 

About super.AI

  • We are a deep tech company with cutting-edge AI research. We all know that machine learning and AI are set to transform our lives. Our technology promises to transform machine learning
  • Mark Twain once said that during a gold rush, it's a good time be in the picks-and-shovels business. If machine learning is a gold rush, super.AI is building a better shovel
  • To do this we are searching for the best-of-the-best to build a massive company. But at the same time a company where people are happy with their lives and feel healthy, passionate and satisfied
  • Although super.AI is young, this is not our first rodeo: our CEO previously founded a 100-person company, and between us we've held senior positions at Google, Amazon, Adobe, Microsoft, McKinsey and gone through Y Combinator

This role is an opportunity for a current graduate student to work alongside an experienced product team.  

What you'll do:

  • Work directly with senior leadership to verify product ideas
  • Build live data and / or high-fidelity user prototypes 

What we are looking for:

  • Smart, humble, hardworking, and collaborative
    • By smart we don't necessarily mean high IQ (although a huge plus), but an affinity toward learning. We want to automate as much as possible so we can focus on the few things that require human intelligence and creativity.
    • By humble we don't mean submissive or unambitious, we mean it in the same way Roger Federer is humble.
    • By hardworking, we don't mean long hours (be with your family). What we mean is while you're here you're doing the best work of your life. It means being disciplined, professional, focused, gritty, resilient, and resourceful.
    • By collaborative, we don't mean submissive or deferential, it means taking leadership from everywhere. "I'm taking responsibility to fix this system", if there's a lack of trust "I'm going to address it", if goals are unclear "I'm going to deal with it", it's about being a meritocracy
    • All four of the above are required. We all know people missing one of these and it's not nice to work with them (e.g. someone who is smart and hardworking but not humble and collaborative).
    • Paradoxical: The people we like the most are smart but humble. Wants to win no matter what, but will not cross lines of integrity to get there. Strong beliefs weakly held, etc.

You should have the following skills/experience:

  • Experience in React (our UI is build in React) is highly preferred. If not, experience one or more relevant UI frameworks (Angular, Vue, Thyme Leaf etc.) should work. 
  • Transform designs into pixel perfect website experiences in a short amount of time
  • Be able to iterate quickly based on feedback
  • Good debugging skills
  • Good English language skills – our company language

If this resonates with you, it would be amazing to get to know each other – reach out and send an application!

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Frontend Developer (Working Student)

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