Job Description

TI Media is one of the largest branded media companies in the UK. The company reaches more than 28 million people each month across multiple platforms, with influential brands like NME, TrustedReviews, Cycling Weekly, Marie Claire, Decanter and Wallpaper.

The job:

The developer will work on our Symfony-based affiliate commerce platform that drives revenue for our key brands at TI Media. Our applications handle high traffic and operate at scale and require more than just simple bundle and PHP development.

Working within a talented DevOps oriented culture you will work on both the front and back end of the application, optimising the existing codebase and innovating new solutions by taking advantage of modern cloud services.

The role:

  • Writing documented, object-oriented code on a daily basis ranging from complex custom bundles to simple bug fixes
  • Writing unit tests for the code you write
  • Taking part in code reviews both for your code as well as for other members of the team
  • Proactively suggesting and developing improvements to the codebase and infrastructure both to enhance the application as well as helping the business meet their objectives
  • Ensuring you’re always learning new skills and thinking of ways to apply them


Essential experience & skills:

  • Experience working on high traffic websites understanding that a small code change can have a large impact on the application stability and performance
  • Good understanding of the PHP Symfony3 stack including Components and Bundle development
  • An interest in developing JavaScript and CSS skills
  • An interest of developing skills in Single Page Application development in either React, Vue or Angular (we use React)
  • Strong understanding of API development and consumption
  • Great communication skills; being able to talk infrastructure to the Ops team one minute and explaining how to use a new feature to business stakeholders the next

Desirable Skills: If you don’t have these, we will encourage you to develop these skills

  • Use of Docker in local and production environments
  • An understanding of modern development practices with tools such as Docker, Git, PHPUnit, Jenkins and Composer
  • Understanding of caching mechanisms such as Redis and CDN
  • Code profiling tools such as xDebug and New Relic
  • Documented history of open source development, GitHub profile or similar
  • Developed using cloud platforms such as AWS
  • Experience with the Twig templating engine
  • Experience with Sass and Less preprocessors
  • Experience using and developing Symfony Bundles (FOSRestBundle)
  • MySQL tuning and query optimisation

You will join a friendly and collaborative department working in a fast‐paced environment with the excellent training and support that a large organisation can offer.

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