As a Mass Communication Specialist, it’s your job to tell our story. Use your creativity to educate and inform the public about the achievements of Sailors in America’s Navy. Travel the world, document military operations and develop high-profile media campaigns. From photography and journalism to graphic design and videography, Navy MCs can do it all. We’re looking for Sailors with talent and originality, who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and see the world in a new way.


  • Develop print publications and multimedia content including video, still images, digital graphics, web products, news and feature stories, blogs and press releases
  • Operate and maintain state-of-the-art photography and video equipment
  • Conduct research and identify target audiences, analyze data and provide feedback to leadership
  • Identify communication issues and come up with solutions based on research
  • Work directly with local news media organizations to release stories and develop public relations campaigns
  • Conduct ship and base tours for high-profile individuals and foreign dignitaries
  • Assist and work within oversight of Public Affairs Officers Senior MC Responsibilities
  • Advise and prepare unit commanders for media interaction and press conferences
  • Develop content strategies and create data stories
  • Speak to the press on behalf of the command


From the day you start, you’ll receive:

  • Competitive salary
  • Potential to earn a bonus upon enlistment
  • Free health insurance
  • Free housing
  • A retirement plan
  • Paid training
  • College credit


  • Undergraduate degree opportunities
    • Navy College Program and Tuition Assistance
    • Post-9/11 GI Bill, up to 100% tuition
  • Professional credentials and certifications
  • College credit hours toward a bachelor’s or associate degree through the American Council on Education


  • U.S. citizen or equivalent
  • High school graduate or equivalent
  • 17 years of age or older


As an MC, you’ll explore nearly every part of the Navy. You could be overseas on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, in the field with a combat construction unit or in an air-conditioned broadcast station at a stateside command. Your workplace is as diverse as they come.

While there may be some physical work on a ship or in a station, the majority of the job is mentally and creatively focused. You’ll also need to be comfortable working independently or with a small team and with little supervision.

Graphic Designer & Communication Specialist

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