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Grupo QuintoAndar | Database Reliability Engineer

About QuintoAndar:

QuintoAndar was born to do something very rewarding: open doors. We opened doors for technology to be part of living. And, through it, we simplify and reduce the bureaucracy of the experience of those looking for a new home. Thus, we became the most valuable proptech in Latin America, leading the real estate market in around six countries and more than 75 cities around the globe.

The first steps in the international market have been taken since we acquired Grupo Navent, which is ranked number 1 in Mexico (Inmuebles24), Argentina (Zonaprop), Peru (Adondevivir & Urbania) and Ecuador (Plusvalia) - among others. And most recently, we launched Benvi, our international brand in Mexico, which comes with our residential rental product and service.

We offer an end-to-end ecosystem to make life easier for those looking to rent or buy a home, sell a property and unlock a transaction. Think of zero paper or bureaucracy: everything happens on a single platform, with transparency and speed alongside incredible human support.

We are currently valued at over $5.1 billion (August 2021) and continue to grow 4x year over year, breaking records.

To make all this happen, we have more than 4,000 talented people, working with cutting-edge technology and best design practices to ensure a seamless experience throughout the sales and rental process, combined with smart financial products. Here you will work with the best professionals in the market, in an environment that breathes innovation, collaboration and high performance.

To learn more about our history, visit

About Grupo QuintoAndar:

We are Grupo QuintoAndar, the largest real estate ecosystem in Latin America. Guided by a shared purpose of helping people love where they live, we have a diverse portfolio of brands and solutions that cover all stages of the journey of living. We develop technologies and innovations that transform and leverage the whole living experience.

About working at QuintoAndar:

  • Possibility of learning;
  • Opportunity to work in a team that seeks to use the best practices and tools in the market;
  • Work in an informal environment with a horizontal structure;
  • Being part of a team working on a high-impact project that affects the lives of thousands of people.

Location & Remote Work

Our technology team works on the "remote-first" model, which means we are working from home with the possibility of living anywhere in Argentina.

This job description is written in English because for that position you will need it for communications with coworkers and suppliers who are from worldwide, for tools and internal materials as well.

About the area:

The DBRE is the person who can combine their professional background with database with a perspective of support and evolution of the services we have. You will work closely with our engineering teams to design, implement, and maintain robust database solutions that meet the needs of our organization.

The DBA profile is often important to elucidate doubts or improvements that require intervention in code or configuration in databases, such as parameters, capacity, monitoring, standards, auditing, among others. And also, we support development teams in tuning and general improvements related to databases.

In addition to this, comes the role of the DBRE which consists of creating and sustaining the platform that databases are operated on. We now have applications and their direct teams as clients. We address InfraAsCode, security, observability, scalability etc. We have the responsibility to standardize and guide the company regarding databases. We always need to be looking for solutions that fit our needs and in the best possible way. Here the scope increases, we stop looking inside the database and start focusing on the surroundings, creating solutions that allow us to continue growing as a structure while maintaining quality and security.

We implement automations that notify us about important things in the databases so we can act quickly before the issues become outages in our products. We leverage our experience as DBAs to improve our tooling in order to make engineering more autonomous and to allow our team more time to seek new solutions.


    • Support our relational, non-relational, and event-driven stack (AWS RDS MySQL and Postgres, MongoDB Atlas, Redis, Kafka)
    • Support the development of solutions that add value to engineering teams, and bring visibility to the health of databases to reduce toil
    • Develop and implement database automation tools and scripts to optimize deployment, configuration, and maintenance processes.
    • Collaborate with engineering teams to optimize database schema design and query performance.
    • Monitor database performance and proactively identify performance bottlenecks and issues.
    • Participate in capacity planning and scalability assessments to support the growth of our database infrastructure.
    • Design, deploy, and maintain highly available and scalable database systems.

Stages of the Selection Process

Our selection process currently lasts an average of 40-60 days, from application to completion of the assessment. Going through:

  • Resume,
  • People Interview,
  • Tech Screening,
  • Technical Interview: code and architecture,
  • Reference Check,
  • Offer \o/


    • Practical experience with one or more relational database management systems (PostgreSQL, MySQL).
    • Strong understanding of database architecture, administration, and optimization techniques.
    • Proficiency in SQL and database query optimization.
    • Experience with database replication, clustering, and high-availability solutions.
    • Solid understanding of database security principles and best practices.
    • Experience with automation tools and database configuration management (e.g., Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Terraform).
    • Advanced scripting skills (e.g., Python, Shell) for automation and monitoring.
    • Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
    • Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a multifunctional team environment.
    • Some experience with ElasticSearch and Kafka will be a plus.
      • Database Engines
      • MySQL (main app)
      • Postgres
      • MongoDB
      • Redis
      • ElasticSearch
      • Kafka (MSK and Confluent)
      • Debezium
      • Security
      • Vault
      • Cloud providers
      • AWS
      • Kubernetes (as users)
      • Monitoring
      • Exporters->Prometheus|Thanos->AlertManager->Opsgenie
      • Grafana
      • Instana
      • InfraAsCode
      • Terraform
      • Github


  • Our selection process starts with registration! If you really want to be part of our team, take care of this step of the process. We analyze all candidates individually and give feedback even to those who do not follow the process;
  • All communication is done by email, so stay tuned for our messages and release the domain so our emails don't end up in spam


    • Friday flex (until 16:30hs)
    • Work tools
    • Birthday off
    • Vacations according to Law (10 working days) + 5 extra days
    • Classifieds Week (week between Christmas and New Year)
    • OSDE or Swiss Medical (for you and your family)
    • Parental license
    • Fluency Academy
    • Discounts on services
    • Gympass
  • Diversity and Inclusion at QuintoAndar At QuintoAndar, we believe that diversity of perspectives and experiences ensures a distinctive work environment, based on respect and appreciation for differences. Feel free to declare the information on the registration form. If you are not comfortable answering, simply choose the option "I prefer not to respond." This information helps us create an increasingly inclusive environment and is used only for this purpose, being confidential and will not impact your performance throughout the hiring process. All of our job positions are open to people with or without disabilities.
  • Privacy and Data Protection In order to apply for one of our jobs roles, we will need to collect some of your personal data necessary for us to review your application and to contact you. We believe that the diversity of perspectives and experiences guarantees a differentiated work environment, based on respect and appreciation of differences. For this reason, we have several affirmative jobs, and information regarding your gender, ethnicity/race, and disability may be collected in the process. All data processed is confidential and will be stored in a secure place for the time necessary to fulfill its purposes, with appropriate technical and administrative measures being adopted to protect your information.If you have any questions, please contact us via the following page.

Grupo QuintoAndar | Database Reliability Engineer

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