Job Description


Level of Education
Areas of study
Professional experiences
1 to 2 years
Languages essential

Essential and optional requirements

  • Excel
  • Power Point
  • Word
  • Opéra

Key tasks

- Meets and greets all guests on arrival.
- Assists guest in unloading their luggage.
- Show guest to the reception counter.
- Ensure a courteous, prompt and efficient service.
- Ensure that all luggages are properly tagged.
- Delivers the luggage to the respective rooms, whenever it is necessary.
- For collection of luggage, proceeds to the respective room on request for assistance.
- Assisting guests in various requests and enquiries such as restaurant reservations, transportation, obtaining tickets for social events and the prompt and accurate takings of messages and deliveries.
- Checks in guests once you have greeted them.
- Reformulates price and payment conditions during check-in.
- Make sure there is payment guarantees when taking reservations or during check-in.
- Checks in and check out groups according to hotel procedures.
- Know how to record an individual reservation on the computer. Takes stock of the reservation status to sell available rooms.
- Ensure guest satisfaction and accurate invoicing during check-out.
- Check for payment of extras if necessary (e.g.: seminar vouchers).
- Recognise an error during check-out and rectify it without difficulty.
- Uses the hotel’s Accommodation Management program (Opera).
- Process the different methods of payment.
- Uses the hotel’s standard letters.
- Uses all the functions of the telephone switchboard and answers calls on the third ring.
- Adapts the word of welcome depending on the call and on the guest.
- Takes messages and pass them on effectively.
- Express yourself with ease in the country’s language (English).
- Able to explain to guests how to get to the hotel.
- Know and can give local, cultural and practical information.
- Know how to orient and guide guests using a map of the region.
- Makes sure guests have fully understood the information provided.
- Calls upon neighbouring hotels, giving priority to those in the Accor Group (reservations, book-outs).
- Handles a guest complain related to technical problem.
- Transfer calls to Accor Call Centre or to reroute a guest to another Group hotel.

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