Head Custodian at Maize Intermediate School. Start date 5/3/2021. Current TB Test required.

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Head Custodian at Maize Intermediate School. Start date 5/3/2021.  Current TB Test required.
Purpose Statement
The purpose of the job of Head Custodian is to maintain a clean, safe, and orderly environment ensuring the proper operation of the school facility and to assist staff in providing any facility needs.

Use the following ratings to evaluate each function:
1 = Meets Expectations 2 = Does Not Meet Expectations N/A = Not Applicable

Essential Functions
___1. Opens the building by unlocking doors, turning on lights, and monitoring for cleanliness and safety each morning prior to the start of the school day.
___2. Assists students and staff with any building needs, including cleaning up spills, opening lockers, locking/unlocking doors, moving furniture, etc. for the purpose of maintaining the efficiency of the building.
___3. Conducts daily cleaning and minor repairs to keep the building in operating condition.
___4. Checks and responds to track-it requests for the purpose of meeting the needs of the building.
___5. Moves furniture for the purpose of being prepared for special activities and/or assist the teachers setting up their classrooms.
___6. Assigns cleaning and maintenance tasks to custodians, supervises them, and maintains time cards in order to ensure an efficient operation.
___7. Conducts monthly inspections and prepares/files reports in order to meet district and mandated requests.
___8. Inventories and orders supplies in order to have needed work materials.
___9. Maintains liaison with staff and custodians and communicates with energy conservation director in order to ensure needs are being met.
___10. Monitors students during unsupervised times for the purpose of maintaining control and safety.
___11. Closes the building at the end of the school day including turning off lights and locking doors so that the building is secure and efficient.
___12. Communicates with building administration any concerns regarding building needs/concerns to ensure buildings are maintained.
___13. Maintains confidentiality as appropriate in order to comply with district, state and federal laws.
___14. Performs all other miscellaneous tasks as deemed necessary to maintain a neat, clean, and safe school environment.

Other Functions
___1. Establishes schedules and supervises summer cleaning crew to ensure summer maintenance tasks are completed.
___2. Shovels, plows, and salts sidewalks and steps during inclement weather to ensure a safe environment.
___3. Picks up needed equipment, tools, and supplies when those cannot be delivered in order to ensure efficient operation of the building.
___4. Assists parents/community/students/staff when they are in need of help such as jump starting cars, etc. in order to provide good customer service.

Minimum Job Requirements
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities
Must be able to communicate in writing and verbally.
Knowledge of HVAC systems and standard cleaning chemicals is helpful.
Knowledge of tool use and basic maintenance skills necessary.
Must be able to work well with others.
Basic computer skills.

Education, Certification
High school diploma

Experience in maintenance helpful.

Physical Demands, Working Environment
Heavy lifting is common. Ladders are used. Occasionally work is done in extreme conditions. Generally the job requires lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, kneeling, crouching, stooping, and working with fine finger dexterity. The position requires 80% walking, 15% standing, and 5% sitting.

Attendance Requirements:
• Must maintain regular and acceptable attendance/punctuality as required by the Board of Education policies and regulations.
• Must be regularly available and willing to work 40 hours per week, or such other hours as the district determines are necessary or desired.

Reports To: Director of Maintenance
Clearances: Cleared Background Check
Current TB test

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
Overtime is not permitted unless approved by employee’s supervisor. Otherwise, the employee may be subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal.

Terms of Employment: At Will
Nothing in this job description alters the at-will nature of the employment or is to be interpreted as a contract. It is further understood and agreed to by and between parties that this employment is at will and employment may be terminated at any time, by either party for any reason, or no reason at all, with or without cause. No oral statements or statements in any employee handbook or board policy are intended to create a right to continuing employment.

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Head Custodian at Maize Intermediate School. Start date 5/3/2021. Current TB Test required.

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