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Job Overview
To assess and monitor the performance of other Industry Inspector using knowledge and experience as appropriate for complex and demanding situations to ensure service delivery.

Job Responsibilities
• Provides third-party inspections to manufacturers of ASME code-stamped boilers and pressure vessels in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code;
• Reviews documentation related to ASME manufactured vessels including drawings, in-process sheets (inspection and test plans - ITP), material test reports and material certificates, welding specifications, welding procedures and welder qualification documents, non-destructive examination procedures and reports, post weld heat treatment procedures and reports, impact test reports (when applicable) and Manufacturer’s Data Reports;
• Performs in-process inspections to assure that fabrication is in accordance with the applicable ASME construction code for the boiler or vessel. These can include joint design in accordance with drawings, fit-up of joints, root pass and finished weld inspections (internal and external) are in accordance with code of construction and design drawings, welders (and/pressure welding operators) welding within the limits of the specified WPSs and their qualifications, witness NDE examinations when specified, witness of hydrostatic or other pressure or leak testing of the vessel in accordance with construction code requirements and the ITP, witness stamping of the ASME required stampings on the vessel or nameplate and, if the latter, that nameplates are affixed to the correct vessels.
• Monitors the ASME certificate holder’s Quality Program to assure that the certificate holder is conforming to his quality system as outlined.

Job Requirements
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical or Production or Metallurgical or Power Plant from a recognised university or equivalent.  
Authorized Inspector with minimum 5 to 7 years of working experience.
Shall possess sufficient relevant previous working experience to demonstrate comprehensive understanding of the relevant specialist requirements, knowledge and application.

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