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Pro2Future GmbH | FN 469403 z | UID ATU 72186608 | DVR 4018313 | www.pro2future.at Firmensitz: Altenberger Straße 69, 4040 Linz, AT | weitere Standorte: Inffeldgasse 25F/I, 8010 Graz, AT; Im Stadtgut A2, 4407 Steyr-Gleink, AT Bankverbindung: Raiffeisen-Landesbank Stmk Aktiengesellschaft, BIC: RZSTAT2G, IBAN: AT81 3800 0000 0432 9454 Pro²Future – Products and Production Systems of the Future – is a COMET competence center that attempts for next generation products and manufacturing machinery with embedded cognitive capabilities. It is a joint effort of world leading Austrian industrial enterprises and the nation’s top scientific institutions in ICT and Production Engineering: Johannes Kepler University Linz, Graz University of Technology and Profactor GmbH.

Furthermore, it is endorsed by the Provinces of Upper Austria and Styria, Austria’s strongest provinces in industrial leadership. Pro²Future operates three research sites in Linz, Graz and Steyr.

To broaden and support our research activities in the field of perception and aware systems we are offering the position of an

Junior Researcher ‘WorkIT’

Full‐time (38.5 hours/week), at Pro2Future GmbH in Linz (Campus of Johannes Kepler University Linz), starting by March 2018.

Project context:

The overall goal of the WorkIT project aims at equipping conventional products (power tools) and production components with cognitive capabilities, thereby enabling self‐aware and self‐organized behavior in industrial production processes as well as in end‐user application scenarios. WorkIT will enable (i) giving supportive, adaptive feedback to users, (ii) optimal usage performance, and (iii) collection and return of usage information for sustained product optimization during the entire product life cycle. The vision of WorkIT is to adapt these cognitive tools and components to not only to work as a single entity but to cooperate with others in a collective of devices to facilitate user guidance.

Job profile:

The offered position will deal with (i) promotion of traditional tools and components towards support and guidance systems, (ii) integration of sensor, computation and actuator components into mobile, distributable and wearable manufacturing instruments, (iii) detection of operator, task, and workflow, (iv) providing support regarding correct task execution, as well as (v) investigating novel forms of interaction suited for complex manufacturing tasks.

As such, the successful candidate will focus on topics related to Pervasive Computing, such as mobile eye‐ tracking, object‐ and context recognition, computer vision, human‐computer‐interaction and attention management.

The successful candidate will work within an interdisciplinary project team consisting of experts including the industrial partners and scientific partners. The candidate plays a major role in shaping and executing the projects’ research agenda. Project work will also involve collaboration and knowledge exchange with the Pro²Future partners, several allied international research groups as well as participating in the international research community.

 A university‐level degree in computer science, information systems, mechatronics, telematics, or related studies.

 Excellent qualifications in software engineering (conception, system design, …), software development (C++, C#, Java, Python), and working with sensors and actuators.

 Prior experiences in the fields computer vision, sensor systems, machine learning, behavior adaptation, self‐* systems, and embedded/ubiquitous computing are desirable.

 Fluent English, written and spoken. German is appreciated or the willingness to learn German is expected.

 The opportunity to align the research for your Ph.D. studies to a 3‐years research project, starting in spring 2018.

 The opportunity to work in a young, dynamic, creative and collaborative team with strong ethos of mentorship and professional development as well as focused publication agenda.

 We will provide the successful candidate with a collegial and supportive environment to establish themselves and their careers, i.e. particularly the Ph.D. studies.

 Full‐time gross salary for this position is 2,750 Euro per month (14 times a year).

Pro2Future GmbH is an equal opportunity and family‐friendly employer. We particularly welcome applications from women and international candidates.

To apply for this position, please send your application (including CV, supporting documents, letter of motivation), topic: “Application WorkIT” via email to: jobs@pro2future.at

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Junior Researcher WorkIT

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