Trainee Junior Software Engineer / Developer (all genders)

Accenture (Zurich ZH, Schweiz) Vor 29 Tagen veröffentlicht

Are you ready to get in the driver's seat of your career as an IT consultant? Becoming a Java specialist in just two months and implementing innovative solutions for our customers sounds like an exciting opportunity to you? The security of a permanent employment contract is what you're looking for? This is exactly your thing?

Then live your passion in a position where you drive innovation with the latest technologies and pave the way for customers into the digital age.

What awaits you

In one or more of the following topics, we want you to get off to a successful start:

  • Software Development Frontend: basics JavaScript, developing web applications with modern frameworks like React, Angular and VueJS, introduction to UI/UX as well as common styling methodologies.

  • Software Development Backend: Introduction to Java, NodeJS and other fullstack relevant languages. Setting up development environments, API development and documentation.

  • DevOps: Introduction to agile software development and DevOps principles, as well as operations-related topics such as logging, tracing and monitoring.

  • Cloud: Introductions to existing cloud providers (Azure, AWS, GCP), as well as in the area of containerization and container orchestration.

  • Data/Analytics: Introduction to data processing and analysis using BigData systems (Hadoop, Spark) and relational DB management systems.

Trainee Junior Software Engineer / Developer (all genders)

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