Job Description

Job Description & Qualifications
  • Review AVBOM/ASAP and identify all the New Tooled End Items for the program including directed tier 2 suppliers.
  • Develop program specific NTEI file containing pertinent part number information. Load and maintain program information in the eAPQP System( include late starters, design changes, VPP updates, etc)
  • Obtain site codes from ASAP and Program Purchasing to initiate eAPQP Schedule A submission requests.
  • Drive Priority supplier selection using GPDS Priority filter, facilitate concurrence with PD (Product Development) and Site STA (Supplier Technical Assistance) and notify suppliers
  • Train suppliers and cross functional team members, as required, on the Supplier Engagement Process and the  APQP/PPAP (Advanced Product Quality Planning/Production Part Approval Process) Readiness Assessment.
  • Manage and track on-time completion of GPDS priority supplier team evaluations.
  • Tracking PPAP and Schedule A (External Supplier APQP/PPAP Readiness Assessment) status and submission requirements to the Site STA Organization and Supply Base.
  • Prepare standard documents for all Milestone Reviews (such as key Program Briefing Report and OESAR / OE Launch)
  • Drive resolution of all YELLOW/RED deliverables
  • Participate in PAT (Program Activity Team), PST (Program Steering Team) and PMT (Program Module Team) meetings. Collaborate with CPMT (Component Program Module Team) leaders and Purchasing Program managers to understand program related changes impacting launch. Support change control meetings as required.
  • Support NMP Part Pedigree meetings and develop Parts Pedigree Risk Assessment prior to each build for review with STA leadership
  • Aggressively manage and review Phased PPAP status and timing plans
  • Arrange cross functional meetings to drive PPAP issues resolution and manage action plans to assure on time PSW approvals
  • Proactively monitor, manage and escalate significant issues inhibiting Supplier PPAP/launch risk
  • Drive on-time PPAP completion through OTG (Open-to-Go) meetings, and communicate PSW status and delinquencies to Site STA and Program Team.
  • Provide onsite Program STA support for Build events (e.g. VP (Verification Prototype) builds, PCF / TCB (Part Coordinate Fixture/Trim Coordination Build), etc.)
  • Drive resolution of supplier quality issues raised through AIMS (Automated Issues Management System).  Lead containment, 8D follow up, ICA / PCA activity.  Engaging Site or Resident (in case of AIMS related to carry over parts) STA engineers as necessary.
  • Support Start up Meetings / FCPA (Ford Consumer Product Audit), VOCF (Voice of Customer Fleet), Campaign Prevention/Fresh Eyes, Craftsmanship, R202, DEMS, Hard Rocks, Shortage meetings, White Board reviews.
  • Escalate shortfall issues and execution delays for cross-functional mitigation.
  • Investigate supply constraints and escalate manufacturing performance issues for site STA intervention.
  • Monitor and report incremental capacity  tooling execution / CAR verification status as driven by global PPAP requirements

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