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Job description
Job purpose:This role leads an engineering development project of a large size and level of complexity, responsible for technical and process compliance, recurring and non-recurring costs, adherence to agreed program and project milestones throughout the project life cycle.
Leading a multidisciplinary team of more than 10 engineers (internal or subcontractors) across engineering disciplines as appropriate to the program to deliver customer expectations.
+ • Example of projects: Product development project, System design and verification work-package.

Responsible for the technical definition of the System / Product :
+ • Ensure that the product is safe and fit for purpose.
+ • Ensure that the product design maturity is in line with TRL process.
+ • Ensure that all technical choices are supported by appropriate group (experts, peers, audit team, …)
+ • Stakeholder Management of Customer, Divisional and Site Leaders critical
+ • Ensure that the Product Life cycle documentation is produced and meets the process requirements
+ • Oversee, check & verify & approve design calculations and technical proposals in the relevant project & discipline
+ • Fully responsible for the technical integrity of products, systems and sub-systems on a programme/s
+ • Lead relevant technical root cause analysis

Project Management and reporting
+ • Organise and lead the project in collaboration with Technical Project Manager or Programme Management
+ • Provide accurate estimation of engineering tasks
+ • Manage risk
+ • Identify resourcing requirements and maintain the project plan in line with assigned resources
+ • Ensure project deliverables are delivered to the agreed timescale

Management of project spend more £3m in accordance with budget
+ • Management of sub-contracted work; Manage definition of Statements Of Work (SoWs) for sub-contract work, Track and support supplier progress, Review and approve supplier deliverables & Responsible for the approval of sub-contractor time-sheets within the project team
+ • Ensure projects are delivered to financial targets for Engineering Non-Recurring Costs (NRC) and Recurring Costs (RC) by design; Manage task estimation and dependencies, Manage labour costs & Manage direct material costs

Ensure project considers Design to Industrialisation (D2I) and Design For Manufacture (DFM)

Job requirements
+ • A Degree in a related discipline or equivalent experience / combined education
+ • Experience of successfully leading and delivering a cross-functional package of work
+ • A record of producing excellent engineering solutions
+ • A sound understanding of a variety of design and development processes
+ • Ability to analyse and resolve complex safety critical problems by devising and negotiating creative and effective solutions
+ • Ability to generate and maintain performance metrics to measure the quality and delivery performance of the Project team, and use this performance information to further improve the performance of the team.
+ • Experience of the Verification & Validation (V&V) development cycle
+ • An understanding of product development process including the interfaces between engineering disciplines, and between Engineering and other teams such as Test Equipment, Operations, Business Development, etc.
+ • Supporting new business growth in promoting Safran capability to customers, in investigating possible opportunities and in preparation of responses to customer Requests for Proposal
+ • Planning & risk mitigation ability
+ • Delegation & supervision ability
+ • Ability to work well under pressure
+ • Excellent customer facing skills
+ • An understanding of product design and development costs (Non-Recurring Costs)
+ • Must be able to Lead people both onsite and offsite (in an international setting)
+ • Competent with IT software tools – MS Office etc.
+ • Comfortable with presenting to internal/external stakeholders
+ • Able to coach junior team members
+ • Must be organised and have excellent time & project management skills
+ • Must be self-motivated and able to work on own initiative

+ • An understanding of Airworthiness requirements & Certification processes
+ • Familiar with relevant engineering Software Tools
+ • Experience of working with Engineering service suppliers, e.g. defining Statements of Work and approving deliverables.
+ • Evidence of written English at interview stage. This will be through providing certification of a formal English or technical qualification studied in the UK or overseas in English. If this cannot be provided you wi
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