Job Description

This position is responsible for designing, developing and maintaining curricula and programs used to train employees in a variety of functions. Conducts needs assessments, selects instructional models, and designs instructional content. The scope of responsibilities also includes development of instructional materials in consultation with subject matter experts. Curates content and teaches experts how to generate and share content. Ensures that instructional programs are effectively implemented. Evaluates content and adjusts as required. Conducts complex instructional design projects. Act as curriculum design subject matter expert. This position requires at least 7 years of design or development experience.
Collaborate with leadership team and business subject matter experts to design engaging learning that enhances business performance
Partner with the business to create clear learning objectives in support of business goals
Design and develop high-quality learning content to meet the needs of the supported audience
Conduct reviews of training materials to ensure learning objectives are met
Provide enhancements and revisions to existing materials based on SME/Stakeholder feedback
Maintain current knowledge of latest industry tools and processes
Collaborate with assigned L&D Staff, Manager(s) and/or Director(s) to create quality training deliverables
Actively participate and/or facilitate in in-person or virtual meetings as needed to support learning projects
Maintain accurate status of projects, milestones, and tasks in the team project tracking tool
Facilitate in-person or virtual “train the trainer” sessions
Diagnose and escalate risks to design projects to appropriate L&D leaders and stakeholders
Collaborate with leadership team and business subject matter experts to design large-scale, engaging learning that enhances business performance, with minimal support
Design and develop comprehensive learning solutions, incorporating multiple deliverables, to meet business and performance objectives
Create and implement evaluation plans to demonstrate business impact of training initiatives
Achieve and model team quality standards in all aspects of learning design
Actively and consistently support all efforts to simplify and enhance the customer experience
Proactively partner with internal customers to determine performance and training needs
Identify and use a variety of media formats in the design and development of curriculum
Design and develop innovative learning that leverages technology effectively to address business performance and learning needs
Design instruction that reflects an understanding of the diversity of learners and groups of learners
Manage external resources to maximize cost effectiveness and quality
Apply business skills to managing instructional design
Promote collaboration, partnerships, and relationships among the participants of a project
Serve as a mentor and/or knowledge resource to less experienced designers
Model the adoption of ongoing improvements in team processes and standards
Develop partner relationships with SMEs and stakeholders to ensure that training meeting expectations beyond initial implementationPerform other duties as requested
Lead large-scale, high-profile learning projects
Serve as creative and planning resource to internal customers
Identify improvements to team processes and champion their implementation
Serve as an authoritative resource on technical and process related issues.
Act as curriculum design subject matter expert to include providing feedback to other curriculum developers and training delivery instructors
Communicate outcomes, risks, and follow ups that result from train the trainer activities to appropriate Stakeholders
Anticipate client needs by managing complex, long-term client relationships
Promote a high-impact service culture by engaging and advanced consulting with key stakeholders
Create training that is consistently innovative, highly engaging, and utilizes the most advanced techniques and technology available, with a demonstrable impact on business results
Perform other duties as requested
Skills/Abilities and Knowledge

Ability to read, write, speak and understand English
Critical thinking and analytical skills
Ability to prioritize and organize effectively
Ability to communicate orally and in writing in a clear and straightforward manner
Ability to communicate with all levels of management and company personnel, including Executives
Ability to deal with
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