Company Overview:

Blue Orange Digital is a cloud-based data transformation and predictive analytics development firm with offices in NYC and Washington, DC. From startups to Fortune 500s, we help companies make sense of their business challenges by applying modern data analytics techniques, visualizations, and AI/ML. Founded by engineers, we love passionate technologists and data analysts. Our startup DNA means everyone on the team makes a direct contribution to the growth of the company.

Position Overview:

Blue Orange seeks an experienced Machine Learning Engineer to expand our dynamic multi-disciplinary team. The ideal candidate will possess a deep passion for machine learning, AI technologies, and innovative data solutions. With proficiency in advanced machine learning techniques, strong skills in programming languages such as Python, deep expertise around data analytics and feature engineering, solid experience working with ML frameworks (like Sklearn, XGBoots, LightGBM, TensorFlow and/or PyTorch), experience working containerized technologies (Docker, Docker-compose and or Kubernetes), a proven track record of building cloud-native solutions (AWS, GCP, and/or Azure), MLOps, LLMs and agents. With strong proficiency in the whole end-to-end ML/AI cycle, from ideation to production. The candidate will play a crucial role in driving our machine-learning initiatives forward.

The successful candidate will be adept at understanding and transforming business requirements into clear technical specifications that produce advanced ML/AI-based solutions. The candidate will possess excellent communication skills to effectively collaborate with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

This role involves direct interaction with our clients, providing expert guidance to design, implement, and optimize machine learning models for production environments and contributing to the scaling and maintaining robust data platforms.

This is a full-time fully remote position for Latin American-based applicants within +/- 2 hours of Eastern Standard Time Zones (NYC). Resume must demonstrate professional English ability.

At Blue Orange, you'll have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects, leveraging modern machine-learning and AI techniques to deliver tangible business outcomes and drive innovation in our data-driven solutions.


Develop and Implement Machine Learning and AI Models:

  • Design, build, deploy, and monitor advanced machine learning models.
  • Improve model performance by conducting feature engineering, hyperparameter search, and metric selection.
  • Optional: Experience working with classical NLP: Intent recognition, Named Entity Recognition (NER), and Part of Speech Tagging (POS). Using Sklearn, Spacy, and Hugging Face.
  • Build LLM-based products and stay up to date with current developments. Proficiency using Hugging Face, OpenAI, Anthropic, and/or Cohere tools. Experience working with Deep Learning frameworks Pytorch and/or Tensorflow.
  • Design and build custom APIs with tools like FastAPI.
  • Fine-tune LLMs using GPUs/TPUs in cloud environments and then deploy them with tools such as vLLM, HuggingFace Inference Endpoints, and/or AWS Sagemaker. Use tools like Skypilot for cloud-agnostic deployments.
  • Build LLM orchestration systems with tools like LangChain, LLamaIndex, Semantic Kernel, and/or HayStack.
  • Build predictive analytics and modeling products using tools like Sklearn, Sktime, XGboosts, and/or LightGBM.

  1. Data Analytics and Processing:
    • Analyze large, complex datasets to extract actionable insights and inform model development.
    • Implement data preprocessing, cleansing, and quality checks to ensure data quality.
    • Experience meeting ambitious customer's expectations is required. Direct customer expectation management is a plus.
    • DBT is a plus.
    • Working with distributed computing tools like Spark or Dask in AWS EMR or GLUE, Azure DataBricks, and GCP BigQuery.
  2. End-to-End ML/AI Cycle Management:
    • Oversee the entire machine learning lifecycle from ideation, data collection, and model development to deployment and performance monitoring.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate machine learning solutions into the company's products and services.
    • Build production-grade systems with orchestration tools like Airflow, Prefect, and/or Dagster.
  3. Cloud-Native Solutions and MLOps:
    • Develop and maintain scalable, cloud-native machine learning solutions using AWS (Lambda, EMR, GLUE, ECS, EKS), GCP (GKE, Anthos, Cloud Run), and/or Azure (CA, KS).
    • Implement and manage MLOps practices to automate and streamline the ML model deployment process. Using tools such as MLflow, Kubeflow, Metaflow, and/or Weights and Biases for storing metrics, artifacts, and experiments.
  4. Containerization Technologies:
    • Utilize containerization technologies like Docker, Docker-compose, and/or Kubernetes to ensure consistent and scalable deployment of machine learning models. Using FastAPI microservices.
  5. Innovation and Continuous Learning:
    • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in machine learning and AI technologies.
    • Drive innovation within the team by exploring new methodologies and techniques for problem-solving.
  6. Quality Assurance and Best Practices:
    • Ensure the highest quality of machine learning models through rigorous testing and validation. Using unit and integration testing with CI/CD pipelines through GitHub actions.
    • Advocate and adhere to best software (i.e., SOLID, DRY, Git version control, etc.) and machine learning (train, val, test data splits, baseline definition, overfitting management, etc) within the team.


  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a related field.
  • Strong mathematical skills, particularly in statistics and linear algebra.
  • Extensive knowledge of deep learning frameworks and ML libraries.
  • Experience with NLP and LLM-based technologies and frameworks.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python,
  • Experience with cloud-based technologies AWS, GCP, and/or Azure.
  • Experience with big data technologies like Spark and/or Dask
  • Expertise in the End-to-End ML cycle.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Self-driven and autonomous.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Team player.
  • Eagerness to learn and adapt in a fast-paced environment.
  • Propositive and creative.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Advanced degree in a relevant field.
  • Publications in relevant AI/ML communities and journals.


  • Fully remote
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Paid parental/bereavement leave
  • Worldwide recognized clients to build skills for an excellent resume
  • Top-notch team to learn and grow with

Salary: USD $11,458 to $12,021 (monthly salary range)

Background checks may be required for certain positions/projects.

Blue Orange Digital is an equal-opportunity employer.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

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