Senior Maintenance Manager

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Job Name : Senior Maintenance Manager
Job Role : Maintenance Manager
Industry : Medical/ Health Care/Hospital 
Job Location : Udaipur ( Rajasthan)
Experience : 5 - 8 year
Salary : Best In the industry
Education : B.Tech/Diploma (Electrical)

Job Summary:

Maintains buildings, grounds and equipment, as well as utilities and their use; attends maintenance and engineering activities with other departments, attends staff meetings, as well as safety and other meetings, as directed by the Director of Plant Operations.Maintains electrical systems by providing electrical power and equipment; offering engineering support; managing staff.

Job Description :

Develop maintenance procedures and ensure implementation.Carry out inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issues.Check electrical and hydraulic systems of buildings to ensure functionality.Plan and oversee all repair and installation activities.Allocate workload and supervise upkeep staff (custodians, janitors etc.).Monitor equipment inventory and place orders when necessary.Monitor expenses and control the budget for maintenance.Manage relationships with contractors and service providers.Keep maintenance logs and report on daily activities. Ensure health and safety policies are complied with.Repairs, installs, replaces and tests electrical circuits, equipment and appliances using hand tools and testing instruments to supply electrical power for lighting and equipment operation in the hospital. Inspects and tests electrical lighting, signal, communication, and power circuits and equipment. Isolates defects in wiring, switches, motors and other electrical equipment using testing instruments such as ammeter, ohmmeter, voltmeter, or testing lamp. Examines and tests such elements of systems as distribution panel, controls, circuit fixtures and motors to locate obvious faults such as blown fuses, short circuits, broken wires, loose connections, and worn motors. Replaces faulty switches, sockets, plugs, fuses, insulators, and other simple elements of electrical systems, fixtures and appliances. Renews circuits either by isolating and cutting out defective wiring and replacing it with new wiring, or by splicing ends of broken wires. Dismantles electrical machinery with hand tools and unsolder or unscrew wiring connections.Replaces such defective mechanical parts as gears, bushings and bearings and such related electrical parts as armatures, commentators, and transformers, assembling components according to diagrams. Checks clearance of moving parts with precision gauges. Restores electrical connections to complete circuits. Installs new wiring and electrical machinery. Studies blueprints and diagrams to ascertain layout, location and specifications of items to be installed. Estimates quantities of materials needed.Cuts and shapes conduit with hand tools and fastens it in place with brackets. Fastens fixtures, switches and outlet boxes in positions. Runs wire through conduit and makes connections to complete circuits. Assembles, installs, and connects components of switchboards and distribution panels and connects them to units controlled. Mounts motors, transformer, lighting fixtures or other equipment into position and completes circuits, according to diagram specifications. May perform related work, such as recording time and materials expended on each work order; operating lathe, grinding, and polishing machines, on making finishing, and rebuilding parts of equipment, and performing minor carpentry, plastering, and painting in connection with repair work. Performs a variety of duties in and around buildings and grounds of the hospital complex in completing their tasks. Assists by transporting materials and tools by hand or dolly and by performing tasks as directed.Makes repairs, cleans, lubricates and stores maintenance tools and equipment. Observes mechanical devices, pumps, engines, motors, air conditioning systems, laboratory equipment and plumbing systems in operation and listens to their sounds to locate causes of trouble. Dismantles devices to gain access to and remove defective parts. Repairs or replaces defective parts. Adjusts functional parts of devices and control instruments or may install special functional and structural parts. Lubricates and cleans parts. Starts devices to test their performance. Set-up and operate lathe, drill press, grinder and other metal-working tools to make and repair parts. Keep records for equipment showing type, model number, date of installation, and extent of service. Repair toolkit, ammeters, ohmmeters, test lamp, voltammeter, wattmeter and wiring diagrams. Fans, pumps, motors, compressors, refrigeration units, specifications, blueprints and hand power tools. Numerical ability is needed to make calculations for installation and repair of equipment and to estimate materials. Spatial perception is needed to read blueprints and specifications and to visualize installation. Form perception is needed when measuring installing parts and equipment.Motor coordination is needed to coordinate eyes and fingers when using hand tools. Finger dexterity is needed when wiring and testing systems. Manual dexterity is needed to work with hands in replacing various components. Color discrimination is needed to differentiate wire colors in order to connect correct wires. A preference for things and objects is necessary to master techniques of installing and repairing electrical or mechanical systems and fixtures. A preference for activities resulting in tangible satisfaction to detect and repair deficiencies in electrical or mechanical systems. Ability to handle a variety of changing duties resulting from the complexities of equipment. Ability to work within limits and standards set by building codes and blueprints.Capable of working under emergency conditions.

Senior Maintenance Manager

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