CxO Management Consultant Opportunity

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Opportunity to earn over £50,000 p.a. remotely by becoming a licensed Perfect Teams Practitioner

Would you prefer to spend your days working with a variety of clients? Perhaps you are an experienced professional, a Part-time FD / Part-time COO / Part-time L&D Executive / Non-Executive Director who’s fed up with the corporate grind and is now building a portfolio career and seeking a new revenue stream.
Create something that provides real security – your own business. Join our growing team of highly experienced, part time Associate Directors, Partners and Licensees and create a sustainable, dependable income, whilst being a part of a supportable and friendly network.

To be successful, you’ll need a great deal of EQ, as well as commercial acumen. You’ll be able to form relationships with CEOs, MDs, Founders and HR Directors quickly and be able to empathise with the problems, they face with their teams.
The roles are self-employed, ensuring that you keep full control of your work/life balance. Incomes from £12,000 to £225,000p.a. are achievable. This is an opportunity to build your own portfolio of clients. Your income will depend on your appetite and aspiration alone.

1. Our Bronze licensees are typically looking to supplement their income and only wish to work part-time They are reconsidering what to do with the time they now have on their hands. They will have been employed in a senior corporate position but been found surplus to requirements. They have the skill, the knowledge and the time, but not the product to help them pass on their store of accumulated wisdom and insights into what teams need. One workshop a month will keep them feeling engaged and productive. If the above rings true for you then invest £1000 in yourself to become accredited and earn £12,000pa

2. Our Silver licensees are looking to develop an alternative, independent income. They no longer wish to work for anyone but themselves. They wish to capitalise on their existing skills in facilitation, training and executive/team development. One workshop a week will satisfy their financial needs. If this opportunity resonates with you then invest £3000 in yourself to become accredited and earn £50,000pa

3. Our Gold licensees wish to capitalise on this opportunity. They will have an extensive black book of contacts and access to high level influencers within corporate organisations. They will wish to build a team around them to deliver large scale corporate interventions and can easily see the way to delivering one workshop a day. If you have the vision necessary to seize this opportunity then invest £5000 to become accredited and earn £225,000pa

The initial selection process has three stages followed by training
1 – Pre-qualification
• You can run workshops and facilitate consultation meetings Y/N
• You have an existing database of contacts you can tap into Y/N
• You are able to invest time in training (1-3 days) Y/N
• You are able to make the minimal investment of £1000 Y/N
• You are able to commit to the monthly registration fee of £100 Y/N

If you can answer YES to all the above, make your application and proceed to STAGE 2

2 - Application/Matching
• You will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire
• You will be sent a complementary link (worth £50) to experience our online
indicator. You will receive your own report instantly
• You will be asked to complete a video interview
• Next you will have a telephonic meeting with one of our friendly Associate Directors, where your questions can be answered. After this you will move to the next stage:

3 – Express your interest
• You will be asked to express your interest in becoming a licensee
• Providing you have completed your own indicator and expressed an interest in this opportunity you will be invited to a Zoom interview

4 – Selection
• Once selected you will commence your training, accreditation and account set up. If at any point in the first 30days, you are not satisfied, we will offer you a full refund less product (Indicators) used.

Investment levels:
GOLD - £5000 • 3 days of training • 60 marketing credits (Perfect Teams Indicators)
SILVER - £3000 • 2 days of training • 30 marketing credits (Perfect Teams Indicators)
BRONZE - £1000 • 1day of training • 10 marketing credits (Perfect Teams Indicators)
• Accreditation • Report Generation • Team Maps
• Opportunity to tailor and package your own offer
• Access to online platform

Designed for Leadership Consultants, in house HR Specialists. Change Management Consultants. CFO's CEO's, COO's, CMO's etc who have their own access to market.

• A cutting-edge tool to help you build your own business
• A low-cost 'point of entry product' you can deliver virtually
• Leverage your initial investment into a return of 20:1

Our initial aim is 12 cities in 12 countries – UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, China, Japan and South Korea.
Perfect Teams has already been used by leading companies across 28 countries
Our goal is to profile someone from every country in the world by 2022, to date we have 168 to go

CxO Management Consultant Opportunity

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