Job Description

Job Summary

Lead and manage the services provided to customers, salesforces (“customer”) at AIA Wealth Select Centre(s) and different service touchpoints are well delivered in accordance with management’s expectation and in line with the Company’s operating philosophy and principles.  

Act as an advocate if Customer Experience Transformation Program (CETP) and Ease of Doing Business (EODB).

Roles and Responsibilities

Operation Management

Ensure smooth operations at service counters.

  • Assign duties, leaves and shifts properly.
  • Ensure entry proof verification, pending follow-up, document verification and payment are well managed.
  • Ensure customer enquiries, requests and complaints are handled effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensure proper servicing environment for customers.
  • Ensure the centre’s traffic is effectively controlled.
  • Ensure mobile service is properly managed.
  • Ensure team’s operations are in compliance with the documented procedures, service benchmarks, regulatory requirements, company’s policies and practices.
  • Give appropriate advices or approval on customer requests in relation to policy matters with reference to applicable guidelines.
  • Review team’s workflow as well as operating systems regularly to ensure effectiveness in daily operations.
  • Conduct investigation for complaint/non-complaint cases and report findings timely.
  • Work across teams to provide one stop, one resolution services to customers.

People Management

Monitor team members’ performance, enhance their competencies and engagement.

  • Ensure proper training and coaching are given to team members.
  • Assign tasks according to competencies and monitor performance.
  • Empower and develop team members through sharing, training, mentoring, coaching and counseling.
  • Create opportunities and motivate team members to enhance competencies and performance.
  • Coach and mentor high performers/potential talent in order to develop successors.
  • Review performance with team members regularly through one-to-one or team meetings.
  • Address and resolve team members’’ conflicts and grievances.
  • Lead team to work Company’s service direction and culture.
  • Build up close and cordial relationship across teams to facilitate daily operations.

Quality Assurance

Ensure service quality with continuous improvement.

  • Ensure service standard, consistency, alignment and flexibility to accommodate customer’s needs.
  • Make market intelligence and benchmarking to ensure our services are competitive in the market.
  • Collect customer feedback and take improvement actions where necessary.
  • Review and update service manuals/guidelines regularly and where needed.
  • Initiate and implement service enhancement items to uplift customer experience and operation efficiency.

Resources Planning

Well plan resources and make flexible arrangement to meet business needs.

  • Plan roster in advance and ensure proper manpower arrangement.
  • Review resources regularly to ensure sufficient manpower and facilities.
  • Identify gaps and find ways to remedy the situation.

Report Management

Ensure quality reports are produced.

  • Ensure reports are issued with accuracy and within timeframe.
  • Analyze report data and findings. Identify areas for improvement. Suggest improvement action plans.

Stakeholder Management

Manage the relationship with internal and external working partners to ensure building of favorable relationship to facilitate task accomplishment.

  • Mitigate team conflicts and communication problems.
  • Maintain harmonious relationship.
  • Be responsive to enquiries and requests.
  • Balance the interest of different parties.

Advocate of CETP and EODB

Act as an advocate of CETP and EODB to facilitate the development of CETP and EODB in S&O.

  • Participate in service enhancement related projects.
  • Engage team members in support of CETP and EODB.
  • Be a role model to foster the staff proposition “Challenge”, “Empowerment” and “Growth”.

Other Responsibilities

Perform other responsibilities and duties periodically assigned by superior(s) in order to meet operational and/or other requirements.

Job Requirements

  • University / College graduate with 5-7 years’ relevant experience, of which 2 years to be in supervisory /managerial positions.
  • Solid knowledge of life insurance.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Training and counseling skills.
  • Service
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