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We are currently seeking a Sr Manager, Membrane Development (高级经理,膜开发) for the Membrane R&D group within the Entegris New Market BU. This position will be based at our Hangzhou, Zhejiang site. As part of the Membrane R&D organization, a successful candidate will participate in the development of novel membranes and porous media for the life science and flat panel display industry.

  • Individuals in this position will be responsible or involved in developing novel porous membranes, such as PES, PVDF, MCE, for LS related filtration application.
  • Establish a research and development strategy that drives business objects, in alignment with internal and external technology roadmaps and project portfolio
  • Identify and manage the implementation of process and capability improvements
  • Foster internal and external technical relationships by proactively interacting with key stakeholders
  • Drive successful project execution to meet deadlines and R&D team goals
  • Drive data-based decision making across the team and organization
  • Performing a variety of complex technology/engineering assignments for membrane or filtration products, which typically require the use of advanced and innovative techniques
  • Determining effective applications, equipment's and methods to develop, market or manufacture new products or new membrane/filtration solution to respond to customer requirements cost effectively and innovatively
  • Demonstrating sound working knowledge of relevant processes and tools and is capable of training junior team members or even Sr Membranes
  • Ensuring solid understanding of the membrane applications as well as state-of-the art technologies, tools and methods in own competence area, actively seeking and implementing initiatives to improve operations and increase customer satisfaction
  • Be comfortable of working in English setting. This involves communications and technical discussions with the Entg US team.

  • 候选人 需要负责和参与多孔膜的制备和开发,例如PES, PVDF, MCE, 等;
  • 根据内部和外部技术路线图和项目及产品组合,制定推动业务目标的研发战略
  • 识别和管理工艺和设备改进的实施
  • 通过与主动与关键利益相关者的互动,培养内部和外部技术关系
  • 推动项目的成功执行,以满足时间期限和研发团队目标
  • 协助主管在整个团队和组织内做出基于数据的决策; 协助部门主管或总监完成技术策略和项目组合的制定;
  • 利用先进的,创新的手段来执行一系列复杂的膜和过滤产品的开发任务;
  • 确定有效的方法,设备和工艺来完成膜产品的开发,并最终可以满足客户的应用需求;
  • 对膜应用和膜产品开发有扎实的理解,可以训练和指导研发工程师;
  • 利用技术知识的理解来安排产品的开发任务,以完成公司的研发目标;
  • 习惯于英语的工作环境。需要和应特格美国的同事进行技术和产品的沟通交流;

What are the Position Specific Competencies? Define the skills/competencies necessary to do the job. These should tie directly back to the purpose and outcome.

· PhD or Master’s, in Chemical Engineering/Bio Engineering/Material Science/Polymer Engineering with 5-10+ years of experience in related industry

· Must have experience in membrane formation and separation technologies. Hands-on experience on process and membrane development is a must.

· Experience in life science and medical device related membrane is a plus

· Must have in depth theoretical and practical understanding of phase separation mechanisms of polymeric membranes

· Demonstrated technical team management experience

· Experience building teams and setting a strategic direction for an organization

· Demonstrated ability to work cross-functionally and influence others, at all levels within the organization

· Strong business acumen with the ability to consider technical direction with a commercial and customer focus

· Must be able to effectively collaborate and influence without the need for direct authority.

· Must have a sense of urgency and unwavering resolve to meet project timelines

· Must have strong problem-solving aptitude, with a desire to conduct experiments and do “hands on” work;

· Normal amount of traveling is required (typically requires 50% of the time in our Xindeng factory)

· Must have good oral and written communication skills in English

· 硕士或博士学位(化学工程,材料,高分子,生物工程等专业),有5 – 10年相关行业的工作经验

· 必须有膜制备的相关经历,尤其是相转化法制备高分子膜。有生命科学和医疗器械的相关经历优先考虑

· 必须对相转化法有深刻的理解,且对于高分子化学和高分子工程有相当的知识储备

· 具有丰富的技术团队管理经验

· 有建立团队和为组织设定战略方向的经验

· 具备跨职能工作的能力,并可以在组织内的各个层面影响他人

· 敏锐的商业头脑,能够以商业和客户为中心考虑技术方向

· 能够将理论知识用于到膜开发的过程当中,并有过良好的产品开发记录或者论文和专利发表的记录

· 能够在一个研发的环境中保持创新的心态,并积极的和团队成员提出研发问题的解决办法

· 必须有足够的项目管理经验,可以确保产品开发的及时完成

· 定期的出差,根据实际需求,每周需要有一定的时间在应特格新登的工厂,例如50%左右

· 良好的英文口语和写作能力

    • Your ability to accomplish our individual and collective goals and commitments, through timely and effective execution of tasks, and collaboration with others.
    • Your ability to work well with others - acknowledge contributions, value time and opinions, and treat them.
    • Your openness, honesty, directness, and commitment. We ask this of others. We should expect this of ourselves.
    • Your independent thinking and creative approaches. We should learn from our endeavors, regardless of outcome.
    Your determination to do it well, and to do it right. We should leverage our collective knowledge, experience, and skills. We are stronger as a team.

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Sr Manager- Membrane Development

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