Manager SHER

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Manager SHER

Localização: Escritório em Sumaré, SP, Brasil

Idioma: Fluent English

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  1. Mission Statement

Controlled and mitigated hazardous working conditions and unsafe employee actions through safety management. Key elements system audits, Audit of compliance with all safety programs as LOTO, confine spaces, etc. Updated PPE Program to include minimum requirements for all manufacturing and sales operations.

  1. Outcomes

o             Perform all activities with associate health and safety as the top priority.

o             Enforce and promote a culture of safety by embracing and applying felt leadership principles, Golden Safety Rules, Critical Standards, Risk Standards and identifying and reporting potential safety issues and concerns.

o             Complying with and enforcing safety and environmental procedures, rules and regulations

o             Maintaining excellent 5S housekeeping and organization through entire site operation, warehouses, labs, offices and yard.

Develop & maintain sound corporate governance by

o             Conducting business according to the Buckman Way and in a responsible and ethical manner.

o             Establishing appropriate management control and reporting systems in all departments.

o             Assuring compliance of all operations practices with local and corporate statutory regulations and standards.

o             Managing and exercise appropriate budgetary control to meet the organization's approved commitments.

o             Developing and maintaining a Risk Management Framework

o             Identifying, mitigating and monitoring potential business risks

o             Complying with all internal governance as determined by audits

Effective leadership to all operations departments

o             Provide strong and effective leadership to department managers to ensure that the organization's strategic objectives are achieved, the required structures processes and systems are in place to meet the company's sales and marketing objectives.

o             Establishing appropriate management control and business reporting processes, systems, and tools in all departments.

o             Developing appropriate budgets and forecasts for departments

o             Managing company assets, procedures and processes to ensure ongoing improvement in profitability and cash flow.

o             Aligning departments, individuals and teams in the implementation and execution of our strategic plans.

o             Development of annual targets and goals based on balanced scorecard that are cascaded downwards through the site’s organization

o             Quarterly and annual reviews for all key managers and direct reports to measure progress towards delivering agreed annual targets and to develop detailed action plans to close any gaps or unfavorable variances

o             Provide strong leadership to ensure that Buckman continues to be a socially responsible company that cares about the environment

o             Provide strong leadership and ensure that Buckman’s global quality strategy and standards are followed

 Human Capital

o             Identify, retain, develop and engage talent

o             Develop potential successors and enough bench strength for critical roles

o             Ensure performance is managed as per Buckman’s protocol and establish a high-performance culture

o             Address any marginal or poor performers with Personal Improvement Plans (PIPS) and/or with exits Effective operations business partnering with other departments

o             Work closely with GMS, HR, Finance and Division Sales Managers to devise strategies for achieving the organization's objectives in consideration of both internal and external factors.

o             Investigate and communicate with the General Manager of Sales on all matters of potentially significant financial impact to the Company, including costs, credit control, cash flow, product line evaluation and capital expenditures

o             Apply disciplined and sound project management, problem solving and process improvements to achieve strategic plans and objectives.

o             Respond and enhance operational processes to accommodate fluctuating or unforeseen customer expectations as well as to ensure high quality, improved efficiency and high return on investment

 Global operational excellence

o             Effectively implementing global initiatives.

o             Ensuring effective representation of Buckman local Opcos

o             Maintaining and building relationships with all global stakeholders

o             Globally collaborate and exchange best practices to support continuous improvements across all OpCos

 External stakeholder Management

o             Representing Buckman at key meetings with customer, suppliers, the

o             Community and government authorities

o             Representing the Company with media when required

o             Negotiating and signing significant contracts on behalf of Buckman

  1. Main Success Metrics

--Zero Safety incidents, LTIR, OIR

--Sales, OP, MPC and Cash Flow

--Ops Excellence Obeya Related Metrics: DII, AP, Pre-SLOB, SLOB, Perfect Order, COGs, Freight, Leveraging, --Materials Cost, Unit Mfg Cost, etc…

--Employee Engagement Levels

--COGs as a percentage of sales

--Labor & Overhead expenses as a percentage of sales

--RM, PFRs, Pkg as a percentage of sales

--Freight as a percentage of sales

--COGs as a percentage of sales

--DII and Slow, Pre-SLOB, SLOB


--Perfect Order

--Audit & Governance compliance

 --Entity legal compliance

  1. Competencies:

Strategic Mindset

Seeing ahead to future possibilities and translating them into breakthrough strategies.

  • Leverages the organization’s key differentiators to develop a viable long-term strategy.
  • Explores future scenarios and possibilities to help the organization respond to change and shape the future.
  • Revisits and updates business strategies in response to evolving market dynamics and organizational needs.
  • Develops and integrates organizational strategies to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.
  • Maintaining up-to-date demand vs. 5 day and 7 day capacity for each reactor and blender to insure we do not cross over 85% Capacity Utilization

Ensures accountability 

Holding self and others accountable to meet commitments.

  • Creates an environment of accountability for meeting agreed-upon expectations.
  • Ensures that the organization meets its commitments.
  • Holds leaders accountable for the performance of their teams and for delivering all targets and objectives.
  • Uses monthly, quarterly and annual management systems to monitor the organization’s performance against goals.

Develop Talents

Developing people to meet both their career goals and the organization’s goals.

  • Creates a culture that emphasizes ongoing learning and development and reinforces its value to the organization.
  • Coaches and mentor’s key talent.
  • Sponsors organization-wide initiatives to ensure leadership excellence and ready talent.
  • Champions organizational efforts that support the development of all employees.

Plans and Aligns

Planning and prioritizing work to meet commitments aligned with organizational goals.

  • Creates an organization that pushes forward with a Winning Mindset in difficult circumstances.
  • Eliminates obstacles that affect organizational performance.
  • Gets results that have a clear, positive, and direct impact on business performance.
  • Sets aggressive, yet realistic time frames for achieving strategic objectives.
  • Allocates organizational resources in alignment with strategic plans and priorities.
  • Ensures that plans are aligned, cascaded and coordinated across the organization.

Possibility Thinking

Creating new and better ways for the organization to be successful.

  • Creates a culture that nurtures and rewards creativity and innovation.
  • Removes organizational barriers to creativity and innovation.
  • Challenges the organization to generate and implement breakthrough ideas and solutions.
  • Encourages attendance in trade shows, customer visits, supplier visits to search for best practices and to bring new technology & ideas to Buckman

Financial Acumen

Interpreting and applying understanding of key financial indicators to make better business decisions.

  • Anticipates and addresses the downstream financial impact of key decisions.
  • Ensures analysis and accurate interpretation of financial indicators that impact the business.
  • Makes investments based on anticipated returns and risks.
  • Makes appropriate trade-offs between current financial performance and investments with long-term potential.

Business Insight

Understands key business or functional concepts, practices and areas of knowledge and applies them in business situations. Keeps up with current and possible future policies, practices, and trends in the industry and organization.

  • Has thorough business/industry knowledge.
  • Uses business knowledge and insights to guide the decisions and work of the organization.
  • Monitors current and possible future policies and external factors affecting the business.
  • Knows the right responses to changing market dynamics and new business information.

Builds Effective Teams

Building strong-identity teams that apply their diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals.

  • Builds a cohesive leadership team that drives the goals and success of the organization.
  • Creates a culture with systems and processes that enable cross-functional teamwork.
  • Instills a common Winning mindset and team spirit across the organization.
  • Models teamwork by working effectively with other leaders throughout the organization.
  • Coaches teams to make data driven decisions and the use of the OBEYA process to drive step change improvements

Global perspective

Taking a broad view when approaching issues, using a global lens

  • Strategically addresses global events and trends that impact the industry or organization.
  • Challenges the organization to address issues using a broad global view.
  • Ensures alignment with the legal, financial, and operational policies of the regions/ countries in which the organization operates.
  • Directs others to anticipate how other cultures/countries will react to the organization’s offerings and practices; making adjustments where needed.

 Decision quality

Making good and timely decisions that keep the organization moving forward.

  • Creates an environment that promotes cross-functional analysis, collaboration and decision making.
  • Holds leaders accountable to push decision making down to the most appropriate level.
  • Requires that organization-level decisions be based on data and sound reasoning.
  • Willingly makes tough decisions and difficult trade-offs on behalf of the organization.
  1. Minimum requirement to apply

Education Mandatory: Bachelor’s Chemical Engineering is highly preferred.  MBA highly preferred

 Experience: Must have had successful experiences:

o             10 years or more of operations experience managing larger teams on both execution as well as strategy

o             Experience managing cross cultural teams

o             Exposure to legal compliance and government authorities is a must

o             Exposure to sales and strategic marketing desired

o             Location:

o             Language: English, Spanish and  local language

o             Travel: 15%

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